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What’s up With the best Ab Workout Video ?P90X

Workout videos are a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Workout videos took over the 80s and made celebrities out of personal trainers and weight loss fitness gurus.

Finding the best ab workout video is not simply a matter of choosing the highest rated video.

Just like many aspects of health and fitness, to find the best abs workout video for you, may not be be the same as the best abs workout video for your next door neighbor.

If you are set on finding a video to use for your abs workout you should look at the reason why you want a video.

Choose the Best Ab Workout Video

The Process Used to Find the Best Ab Workout Video is Similar to the Process you Should use to Find a Personal Trainer

If motivation is your primary reason for looking for an ab workout video, then you should find a video which motivates you. This means you have a background in exercise and know what you are doing. This is the same as if you were looking for a personal trainer because of lack of motivation.

This could mean you choose a video led by someone in the physical condition you admire their physical shape. This could mean you choose a video led by someone who has a very motivational personality. No matter the choice you make, it is your choice.

If you do not know much about exercise, you should probably look for an ab workout video in which which is led by a highly educated and experienced personal trainer. The abs workout video should provide you with the all necessary information which you do not possess.

The difficulty of exercises and the exact form should be made clear. The frequency and duration to use the video should be clear as well. Injury prevention should always be a concern when you perform unsupervised exercise. If you get injured it takes all the momentum away from your exercise program and leads to future problems.

Which are the Best Ab Workout Videos ?

Getting Visible Results with Abs is All about a Total Exercise Program

If you are looking to visibly tone up your abdominals, a workout video which only covers abdominal exercises is most likely misleading you. A full body workout videos is necessary to increase your metabolism. This will burn body fat which will allow you to tone up your mid section.

The Best Workout Videos to get Visible Abs Cover the Entire Body, Not Just your Abdominals

If you want visible results on your abdominals, you must have a low percentage of body fat. These workout videos are the best ab workout videos to help you achieve visible abs.


Buy P90X from“Is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. You’ll also receive a comprehensive 3-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. Your personal trainer, Tony Horton, will keep you engaged every step of the way, and you won’t believe your results!”

AskTheTrainer The extraordinary claims which P90X workout videos made, were very intriguing. We found the videos to be very informative, and motivating. Even though these are full body workout videos, due to the complete nature, we have concluded that P90X is probably the best ab workout video available.

Which are the Best Ab Workout Videos which Focus Strictly on Abdominal Exercise ?

If You Have a Low Body Fat Percentage and Want to Improve Your Abs, These are the Best Videos

If you do have fat covering your abdominal region, these are also the best ab workout videos for strengthening your abs, but you will most likely not achieve visible results, unless you use the video in addition to a full body exercise program.

8 Minute Abs

8 Minute abs is an old product which is very famous or infamous by some people’s standards. The video is what it says. It is 8 minutes of different types of crunches.

The video seems to take place on the shore of some lake in Canada. If this is what it takes for you to do crunches it could be the one of the best ab workout videos. Even though there is nothing spectacular in 8 minute abs, if you do it, you will have 8 minutes of quality abs exercises.

Six Pack Abs

This is the video which launched “fitness celebrity” John Basedow’s career. It contains 3 ab workouts as well as diet and nutrition tips.

Like many abs workout videos Six Pack Abs with John Basedow contains nothing spectacular but will do the job if you perform the workouts as well as lead a sensible exercise and nutrition regimen.

Best Ab Workout Videos

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