Male Incontinence Pads and Guards: What You Need to Know

male incontinence pads


If you are looking for light incontinence protection but are not ready for pull-up products or diapers with tabs, men’s guards can be a perfect solution for you!

Men’s incontinence products are shaped to fit the male anatomy and keep you dry, leak-free and confident. If you have issues with urinary incontinence, or are unable to control your bladder due to surgery, men’s guards can protect your clothing and spare you potential embarrassment.

Guards are non-bulky and comfortable and can be worn inside the underwear to provide the much-needed protection. You can also try men’s incontinence pads to absorb leakage of urine or feces.

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Male Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads are designed specially to absorb or contain faeces or urine leakage. There is an acquisition layer that can promote the passage of urine to the inside of the pad and allow the dispersion of fluids into the absorbent core. The absorbent core would lock away the fluid in the form of gel by keeping the skin dry.

Disposable products with an absorbent core are recommended as it can reduce skin wetness and reduce the risk of skin issues or breakdown. The pads have an odor control system which prevents the formation of odors and helps in maintaining a healthy pH.

There are a wide range of products with various shapes and absorbency levels which can tackle mild to heavy incontinence. If you are doubtful regarding the level of incontinence, you can try smaller products with light incontinence and move on to higher size or absorbency if the other products don’t work for you.

Using products with insufficient absorbency or higher absorbency than what is required might increase the risk of skin irritation.

Male Incontinence Guards

Unfortunately, many men are not aware of the option to buy male incontinence products. Male guards offer an excellent solution for leakage. These products are perfectly shaped for comfort.  The guards stick inside the underwear and absorb moisture. For men who feel uncomfortable to wear diapers and pull-ups, guards offer a comfortable, odor-free and discreet option!

Male guards are ideal for men who suffer with urine leakage, or for those recovering from surgery or have prostate issues. They are also ideal for individuals who are active and for those who need to perform their day-to-day activities etc. Male guards are not a very good option for those who have heavy incontinence or bowel issues, or those who require protection to cover their belly and back.

How Male Incontinence Guards Work

Since the guards stick to the underwear, urinary incontinence can be trapped as soon as it happens. Tiny absorbent beads known as polymers soak up the moisture and pull it away from the skin to keep the skin and clothes dry. Since the guard might only cover a part of the skin, the user is free from skin irritation. The adhesive strip on the back can be removed to secure the guard to the underpants. It’s easy to stick and remove and offers great protection from leaks!

Essential Features of Male Incontinence Guards

When choosing a guard, you will want to pay attention to thickness range, what kind of adhesive it uses, and whether or not you need leg gathers. Here is what you need to know.

Thickness Range

Men’s guards are available in different absorbances and thickness levels. The bulkier the pad is, the more absorbent it would be. If you require a higher absorbency rate, you can go for a bulkier guard. Thinner guards can be a more discreet option. However, all guards can make you feel confident and prevent leaks.

Adhesive on the Back

Men’s guards come with an adhesive backing that can be attached to the underwear. As these are attached to the underwear, the user need not worry about the guard slipping off from its actual position.

Leg Gathers

Some guards have inner leg cuffs which are also known as leg gathers or leg guards. They are strips of fabric that run along the guard which can ensure the control of incontinence.


Incontinence is experienced by millions of men around the world and it can be either temporary or chronic. Either way, it’s an uncomfortable and embarrassing issue for any man.

When choosing men’s incontinence pads or guards, one should first look for the features that best suits their needs. Identifying the level of absorbency is also essential.

If there are occasional leaks, it would be best to opt for a product with lighter absorbency. If there are heavy leaks, products with heavier absorbency can be helpful.

If you’re looking for men’s incontinence pads, guards or any other product related to incontinence, check out Confidence Club – they specialize in offering incontinence products.

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