Athenian Fitnesswear: Fitness Wear That Feels Awesome and Inspires

athenian fitnesswear

Athenian Fitnesswear, born in 2018, is a brand that encompasses the spirit of the Goddess Athena and the never-ending pursuit of physical fitness, fun and an active lifestyle.ย ย 

A little history about Athena: Athena is popular in Greek Mythology and is depicted as the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, mathematics, strength, warrior spirit, strategy, the arts and crafts. Through our vision, we hope to capture these traits and bring out the warrior within you to conquer your fitness goals.

Athenian Fitwearโ€™s brand philosophy translates into multifunctional activewear pieces that will perform with any activity. We strive to create clothes that can take you from the yoga studio to the street and to the highest peak, all in one outfit.

Our vision has always been to create unique fitness wear that not only feels awesome but also motivates and inspires. There are plenty of luxury brands catering to the fitness wear market, but none that offered stylish and high-quality clothes at affordable prices. We want everybody to experience the comfort and style Athenian Fitwear brings to the market.

We welcome you to Athenian Fitwear to check out our signature collections, fitness accessories and more! Some of our signature collections include the Antheia, Persephone and Amphitrite collections.

Our best selling bra is a part of our signature Antheia collection, named after the goddess of gardens. A medium-impact sports bra, it features an elegant longline cut and a strappy corset back. With breathable quick-dry fabric and removable padding, this bra can be a part of any activewear, loungewear or even streetwear ensemble. These can be paired with our signature Antheia leggings or joggers.ย 

Named after Persephone the goddess of spring – these leggings are ultra-soft and designed to make you feel weightless. Whether you’re running or lounging, these seamless and high-waisted leggings will hug you in all the right places – without digging in. A fit perfect for any occasion. These can be paired with our signature Persephone long-sleeve shirt.

Our signature Amphitrite collection is named after the goddess of the sea. It features this pair of leggings – designed with a streamlined wave contouring to compliment your curves and mesh detailing to keep you cool during even the hardest workout. The high waist and extra stretch fit will give you support, comfort, and confidence, so you can move with fearlessness. These leggings can be paired with our signature Amphitrite bra.ย 

Our slogan ‘Rise Up!’ encompasses the brand in its entirety. Created to motivate from within the fitness community, our aim has always been for our customers to feel that their fitness journey is a part of something much bigger. From the lifestyle you follow to the clothes you wear, we want to be a part of your journey. Through all the hardship and struggle, and the moments when you feel at your lowest or that you can’t go on, we want to inspire you to keep pushing forward and to continue to do whatever it takes, to Rise Up!

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