Your Outfit Can Affect Your Mood & Performance it’s for the office, a first date, or for hitting the gym, what you wear can influence your mood. Research shows that your clothing choice affects a lot about you, including how you think, your performance, and how you feel about yourself.

Depending on what you are doing and the look you are going for, paying attention to your wardrobe will benefit you greatly. Having a variety of colors, styles, and tossing in a few superhero t-shirts from I Am Superhero, and you’ll have an article of clothing to portray any mood needed.

Consider how your outfit will affect the following five aspects of your life.

Five Aspects of Life Where Your Outfit Will Have an Effect

#1. Exercise Harder

Who would have guessed that the clothing you wear would improve your performance at the gym? It’s not just the type of clothing that will affect your performance, but it is also the color as well. A study found that wearing red while working out led to lifting heavier weights and an increased average heart rate.

Build up a wardrobe meant for exercising that you feel comfortable in and allows you to workout correctly. Including a bit of red may give you that last bit of a push you need to make that final rep.

#2. Make You Want to Work Out

Not only will your clothing choice make you exercise harder, but it will also get you in the mindset of wanting to workout in the first place. Sometimes the hardest part of going to the gym is actually getting yourself there. Getting your favorite workout attire on might give you the push you need to go and workout.

If you want to include an exercise routine first thing in the morning, consider throwing on your best athletic gear right away. When you look and feel ready to workout, you’re more likely to exercise.

#3. Feeling Confident

Some have claimed that your clothing choice affects your confidence level. Putting on clothing that you are comfortable with will boost your self-confidence and make you feel that much better.

One professor found that when a group of people put on a superhero t-shirt, they all felt more confident and that they were actually physically stronger. They also felt like they were more likeable compared to those in regular clothing.

#4. Improve Your Focus

Your type of clothing choice can also improve your focus levels. Putting on clothing that is more professional looking that someone would wear in a business setting could boost your focus on the task at hand.

A study found that people wearing doctor’s lab coats could focus better and for a more extended amount of time over those wearing regular clothes. The point of it was to show when we wear something that a professional would wear we tend to replicate what they are like. Doctors are careful and pay close attention to detail. So, dressing like a doctor might help give you the same characteristics.

#5. Think Better

Not only will professional business clothing improve your focus, but it can also improve how you think and act on your feet. Your clothing can help put you in the mindset of what you are trying to mimic. So, by wearing business-like clothing, you have a sense of needed to stay more focused and think faster and more clearly.

The Bottom Line

Paying closer attention to your wardrobe, making changes, and applying them to various aspects of your life can greatly influence your mood and even take your performance game to the next level.

Whether it’s for the office, a first date, or for hitting the gym, what you wear can and will without a doubt influence your mood, impact your productivity and performance.

So the next time you decide to just throw on any old pair of clothes before you head out the door, remember what you learned here, you may just benefit from taking a little extra time to better plan your wardrobe for the day’s activities ahead!

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