3 Healthy Ways Your Body Will Benefit from Meggings

Meggings are probably one of the best gym clothes for men that like to switch up their workout routine. Also commonly referred to as men’s leggings, tights or compression pants, these gym pants are made from super stretchy fabric designed to quickly wick sweat.

As an athlesiure staple, they’ve quickly become popular for looking stylish in and out of the gym. Some men’s activewear stores sell only gym leggings for men, but you can also score them at stylish menswear stores, like Differio, that sell both men’s fashion leggings and gym tights.

Mens workout leggings are so versatile that you can wear them for almost any exercise without being bogged down by heavyweight fabric. Nothing’s worse than attempting to get a good workout in, but all you can think about are your pants slipping down your waist.

On top of being extremely workout-friendly pants, male leggings can also have amazing effects on your body. Whether you’re a pro bodybuilder or new gym member, men of all stages in fitness will benefit from men’s athletic tights in more ways than one.

3 Ways Your Body Will Benefit from Meggings

Here’s how wearing gym meggings can actually improve your body’s health and well-being.

#1. You’ll burn more calories.

Before you start jumping for joy that calorie-burning meggings exist, don’t get too excited. Unfortunately, this is not the claim we’re making. Meggings don’t have the power to melt fat by simply sitting on your legs, but they do have the power to motivate you to workout harder. Hence, a greater calorie burn. But you still have to workout regularly!

Have you ever felt more powerful in a suit or more artistic in a working apron? This “feeling” is also known as the psychological phenomenon called enclothed cognition. It’s basically the effect that certain clothes have on the wearer. An early study even showed that a test group that wore white lab coats showed improved signs of attentiveness.

In other words, your thoughts and actions can improve or decline performance based on how you feel in that item of clothing, including tights for men. If you’re really digging your cool leggings or associate men’s leggings with Olympians, you’ll most likely workout harder, which also means you’ll be scorching those fat cells.

Plus, when you feel good about what you’re wearing, your brain releases those “feel good” chemicals like serotonin. So, your body is not only benefiting from all those endorphins, but also those “happy” brain cells that you need for good mental health.

#2. You’ll reduce recovery time.

Meggings can actually help your lower body speed up the recovery process after a grueling leg day. However, you can’t throw on just any pair of men’s fashion leggings and expect a miracle recovery. You still have to eat healthy, drink plenty of water to ensure a great muscle recovery.

If you’ve got your eye on a speedy recovery from achy muscles, you’ll want to look out for specifically mens compression pants. Not to be confused with fashion leggings, compression pants for men are designed much tighter than the average gym legging.

This tightness applies pressure on your legs, which helps clear lactic acid and increase blood circulation. As a result, this helps ease up sore muscles and prevents injury.

Compression clothing is still undergoing a lot of studies on how they effectively it works on the body, but so far athletes aren’t complaining, in fact compression pants are among the top selling activewear and sports brands are investing millions of dollars to improve the design and the technology of compression clothing.

#3. You’ll gain more flexibility.

If you’ve never tried on a pair of meggings before, you’re really missing out on how incredible they feel on your body. Men’s leggings are soft, so stretchy that even guys with huge quads and calves won’t hesitate to wear them.

Although they look alarmingly tight in pictures, don’t get tight confused with uncomfortable. Men’s tights fit like a second skin on your legs, so they feel virtually weightless and let your skin breath normally.

And since they’re so tight, they’re perfect for improving your form for flexibility-focused workouts, like yoga, pilates, stretching, and dance. When you’re wearing meggings in light colors, like silver, grey or white, you can see your muscle tone much clearer than in looser fit sweatpants.

They’re even developing high-tech yoga leggings that vibrate on specific muscle groups, so you get a more effective stretch.

The Bottom Line

Did you invest in a pair of leggings for men? Maybe it’s about time to do so!

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