Ways to Add More Natural Products in Your Daily Routine

Adding More Natural Products to Your Daily Routine

Thereโ€™s a lot of buzz about embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle with the aim of keeping our bodies free of toxins and maintaining a clean environment.

Living green means adding more natural products to your diet and skin care regimen, among other daily routines.

The text highlights ways you can add natural products without breaking the bank or missing out on the fun of a normal lifestyle:

#1. Add High-energy Foods to your Diet

Apart from taking two to three cups of coffee, you want to boost your energy using these natural foods:

  • Fresh Fruits

They boost your blood sugar levels as they are rich in fiber. An energizing breakfast smoothie made from blueberries helps boost your focus all day. Strawberries contain Vitamin C, which helps the body turn fat to energy.

  • Nuts

Nuts are rich in magnesium, which plays an important role in converting sugar to energy. Nuts are also rich in fiber, which regulates blood sugar levels and protein.

#2. Use Toothpaste Made From Natural Ingredients

Apart from looking for a toothpaste that helps fight cavities and whiten teeth, you want a fluoride-free toothpaste that contains natural ingredients like peppermint oil, myrrh, and aloe. You may look for natural whitening toothpastes, which contain natural ingredients in addition to whitening properties.

#3. Buy Beauty Products that you can Multitask

When it comes to beauty products, a lot of women are ready to spend an arm and a leg just to look good. However, you end up spending huge chunks of cash and buying lots of beauty stuff. Instead, you could look for products that provide double-duty like theย lip and cheek stain duos. Multi-purpose brushes also come in handy. This way, you reduce the amount of packaging waste, and you get to save cash as you will buy fewer beauty products.

Here are some ways you can multitask beauty products:

  • Using eyeshadow as eyebrow pencil:

You donโ€™t need to splurge on a specialized eyebrow pencil; eyeshadow blends in just as well and appears more natural. You can use a soft brown shade to fill in over-plucked areas.

  • Use shampoo as makeup brush cleanser:

Makeup brush cleansers tend to be expensive and contain alcohol, which can get a little harsh on your tools. Regular shampoo works just as well and helps the brushes last longer.

  • Use the buffing brush to apply blush and powder foundation.

The deluxe fan brush is another type that allows you to pull double duty powders. You can apply a light layer of blush, powders, bronzers, and heavy hand powders.

#4. Green Commute to Work

Green commuting provides an opportunity to save the environment from pollution. Many cities have embraced this kind of commuting by offering programs for carpoolers, public transit users, and bikers. As such, you can choose the most comfortable means of green commute- telecommuting, human-powered commute, carpooling, and mass transit.

On average, the working class spends up to 47 hours a year on traffic, which adds close to 23 billion gallons of gas. Telecommuting provides privacy and total concentration on your work; of course, if you are planning to telecommute, you need permission from your supervisor.

Carpooling, on the other hand, helps you commute to work faster compared to driving alone and reduces each personโ€™s travel costs. And, with sites like NuRide, you can easily look for other people near your work or home.

If you are not comfortable with carpooling, you may use public transportation. Research shows public transportation helps save up to $800 a year in transportation expenses and reduces household carbon footprint by 10%. This way, you can use your commute time to work, read, and relax.

Today, many cities have sites that help people plan their commutes via mass transit. Alternatively, you can bike to work. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint, the exercise from biking provides numerous health benefits.

#5. Look for Beauty Products with Natural Ingredients

Most beauty products are laced with synthetic ingredients that often wind up bringing more harm than good. As such, when buying beauty products, especially those for skincare, it is healthier to look for those that contain natural ingredients as they improve the health of the skin.

Some natural ingredients to look for may include:

  • Coconut oil

This versatile skin and food ingredient helps strengthen the epidermal tissue, remove dead skin cells, and provides antibacterial and antifungal properties. Research shows that coconut oil also helps fight chronic skin ailments that are associated with defects in the epidermal tissue.

  • Tea tree oil

Its other name is Melaleuca alternifolia, and the ingredient helps fight inflammation, breakouts, and redness of the skin. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and its phytochemicals make this ingredient the most versatile natural skin care oil.

  • Sea Salt

Sea salt is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. The Himalayan and Celtic sea salts, for example, can be added to homemade facial scrubs, toners, and masks along with skin-boosting ingredients like lavender essential oil and coconut oil.

#6. Buy Fresh Produce that is in Season

Instead of buying processed or canned foods, opt for organic veggies and fruits that are available at the local store. This way, you donโ€™t need to spend more cash to order out-of-season foods. Local stores usually stock their shelves with fresh produce from the farm, which you can use to make delicious meals. You just need to be a little more creative.

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