Boost Your Creative Skills With Exercise

Exercising Is a Cheap Way to Boost Your Creative Skills

While there are so many tricks to evoke your creative skills including meditation and sleeping techniques, they may not be working for you or even enough to get the job done. The solution? Exercise! Did you know that exercise is a cheap and effective way to boost your brain power and creative skills? Well now you do!

When we’re sitting down to write an essay, we become extremely productive, however, unfortunately it has absolutely nothing to do with an actual home task. Almighty procrastination is kidnapping us, keeping us hostage, and we can’t help but develop a Stockholm-like syndrome. When it’s time to do something important and useful, our brain often goes on a short vacation and only comes back when there are a couple of hours left until the deadline.

Do I have to write a 9-page academic paper? That’s great because I’m going to read all sequels of โ€œGame of Thronesโ€ instead of being productive. Also, I will look up all yoga poses on the Internet and try them one by one without having any thought about that super important assignment. Actually, the idea of yoga is a good one. Any kind of exercising is extremely beneficial not only for your physical health but also for boosting your intellectual capabilities.

Procrastination as at least a minimal physical activity will do a favor for the brain and will help out with its creative struggle. There is also an option to ditch the assignment and take care of your health by hitting the gym, going for a run, or signing up for a yoga class. But in order to do it as harmless towards your grades as possible, you`re may order a great cheap essay online.

It’s just awesome that we happen to know a reliable service, isn’t it? Now, when you already know what to do, let’s find a correlation between exercise and your creative skills.

The Obvious Physiological Reason

โ€œI can’t live without you,” this is something that the brain is most likely to say on a date with oxygen. When you exercise, you start breathing faster and deeper.

For those couch potatoes who have no idea that there are other physical activities apart from pushing a supermarket cart, don’t worry, you’re supposed to breathe that way when you’re running, jumping, or dancing. The good news is that the more you exercise, the more adjusted your body becomes to physical activity. You train your stamina. So, oxygen is absolutely vital for healthy and productive functioning of the brain cells. When the level of oxygen increases because of an excessive intake, the thinking cap starts working much more effective, and, therefore, gets more creative.

Another biological argument is connected with hormones. While exercising, many hormones are flooding your blood vessels and internal organs. The ones we’re interested in are dopamine and endorphin. They are responsible for your happiness, good mood, effective sleep, and, that’s right, creative capabilities of your brain.

Get Distracted in a Good Way

โ€œA change of work is the best rest.” You must have heard this phrase, but what you may not know is that its author is Arthur Conan Doyle. Can this ingenious world-famous author be considered to be an owner of the creative mind? Let me think. Wasn’t he the one who wrote all those stories about Sherlock Holmes? Isn’t he the author of the beloved novel โ€œThe Lost World?” I guess for now it’s pretty obvious that any advice from Sir Arthur on creativity is absolutely relevant.

What is more, this idea is backed up by psychologists. When you’re focusing your attention on a certain task for a too long time, your assessment of the work becomes blurry and subjective. Provide your creative mind with some rest, saturate it with oxygen, get all those hormones flowing, and you’ll write a much better essay.

Besides (and this is a solid argument for a student), there are plenty of kinds of sports which don’t require any financial investment. You can do yoga or run absolutely for free and, at the same time, become better at performing intellectual and creative tasks.

Steve Jobs Did This and Mark Zuckerberg Still Does

Scientists at the Stanford University conducted research which was aimed at determining the exact correlation between physical activity and creative processes in the human brain. Turned out, simple walking is already extremely beneficial giving a 60% boost to convergent and divergent thinking. These two are the essential components of creativity and cognitive skills.

Of course, there are many students who can’t really engage in active sports due to certain reasons. But the study shows that you don’t have to! Just walking will do the trick. However, please, if you have an opportunity, don’t limit yourself with just walking, proceed with jogging or swimming. It will turn out to be for the best.

Silicon Valley is famous for its tradition of having โ€œwalking meetings.” It was first proposed by Steve Jobs, and then Mark Zuckerberg took on the initiative. Do such companies as โ€œAppleโ€ and โ€œFacebookโ€ seem successful and profitable enough for you? Would you trust the advice from their CEOs? So, let’s learn from the best and get that creative juice pumping in your blood vessels.

The Bottom Line

Looking for a cheap and free way to boot your creative skills? Exercise! It’s free, it’s healthy, and it may just make you smarter!

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