Top 5 Things Personal Trainers Don’t Tell Their Clients

Top 5 Things Trainers Hide From Their Clients

5. You Really don’t Need me

Personal Training is a Luxury ServiceWorking out Without Trainer

Working out with a personal trainer is great but it never guarantees you results.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about your finances while working out with a personal trainer it may be time to move on, save some money and use what you have learned to workout on your own.

Why Personal Trainers often don’t Tell their Clients

From the beginning of their careers, personal trainers are taught to sell their services to prospective clients by establishing the need for personal training.

Sometimes this need can even cause so much pressure to someone at a personal trainer consultation they needlessly sign up for training. If you really want to work with a personal trainer you should think out the entire process before you start.

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4. You Really Should be Taking Dietary Supplements

Only if you Really want to SucceedDietary Supplements

Dietary supplements get a bad rap because they are often associated with bad marketing and false claims.

The fact is dietary supplements are sometimes necessary and often highly important to achieving your desired fitness results.

No matter how good you think your diet is, it could be improved with the intake of the proper dietary supplements.

Why Personal Trainers often don’t Tell their Clients

Most personal trainers have a love for fitness but despise sales unless they are forced by their manager to sell them. Most clients don’t like products pushed on them because of the reputation of the supplement injury.

Personal trainers want to keep their clients (keeping their job) so they try not to bug them with supplements even though proper supplements will definitely improve the chances of better and quicker results.

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3. You Absolutely Must get a Professional Diet Program !

Yes you Do!Which Food to Eat

Most personal trainers attempt to get their clients on track with proper nutrition but the vast majority of personal trainers pale in comparison to a dietitian, nutritionist or even a diet program such as Weight Watchers.

If you truly want to achieve your fitness goals using a professionally designed nutrition program will make it much more likely you will succeed.

Why Personal Trainers often don’t Tell their Clients

While all personal trainers explain the importance of proper nutrition to their clients, the extent of the conversation usually does not go much further than the very basics.

Personal trainer certifications make it clear that personal trainers by law are not allowed to give out specific nutrition information unless they are certified to do so.

Personal trainers know that if you do not have the proper diet, results will take longer if not be impossible. Taking longer to achieve your desired results means you will be training longer with the trainer which means they will be making money off you longer.

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2. I’m probably Not the Best Personal Trainer for You !

personal trainer with client

Sometimes personal trainers just aren’t very compatible with a certain client. Most personal trainers wantΒ  to help get their clients results more than anything but sometimes it just isn’t the right match.

When there is something about the trainer-client relationship which holds the client back from achieving their goals most personal trainers know they should have a talk with the incompatible client about referring them to another trainer but seldom do so.

Why Personal Trainers often don’t Tell their Clients

While most fitness trainers get into the business because of their love for fitness it becomes a job just like working 9-5 at your neighborhood 7-Eleven. It is hard to balance the desire to help people achieve their fitness goals and making money. A trainer without clients doesn’t make any money and bills don’t pay themselves which is why sometimes personal trainers stick with clients even though it may not be for the best.

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1. I think Your Lying aboutΒ  ______ !

Statistics Don’t LiePersonal Training Client Lying

If a client is going through 3-4 sessions per week and is doing a specific amount of exercise on their own time while eating right, results should come in time.

When results don’t come as expected the personal trainer most often will find that things just don’t add up.

Clients lie or fib to personal trainers for a variety of reasons. Most personal trainers can immediately tell if a client is fabricating their extracurricular workouts and clean diet but will seldom call them out on it.

Why Personal Trainers often don’t Tell their Clients

A personal trainer and their clients have a professional, functional relationship. Regardless of the type of relationship it is very difficult for anyone to “call someone out” for lying and maintaining the integrity of the relationship.

To put it in other words, “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”Β  Secondly, there is no way a personal trainer can truly tell if their client is lying to them.

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