10 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

10 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

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So many times I hear people say, “I need to find time to exercise.” Well, maybe that’s the problem.  If you try to find time instead of making the time to exercise you’ll never get to it.

Let’s try to put exercise into a new category. Instead of it being something you’ll get to, make it a priority. It should be at the top of that priority list.

One of the more effective ways to stay on track with exercise and fit it into your busy schedule, is to plan out the exercise weekly. Buy an exercise log or download an exercise log app and start writing it out. Will that make a difference? Absolutely!  Setting short term goals will keep you on track. Also, writing it down and you seeing it will hold you accountable.

Are You Finding Time or Making Time for Exercise?

Looking for more ways to make time for exercise?  Check out my top ten tips to fit exercise into your busy schedule below!

#1. Find a friend who has similar interests and start exercising.

Having a support system will keep you on track.  You’ll also be less likely to bail if you know that someone else is relying on you.

#2. Join an exercise group.

There is a group for everything nowadays, so no excuses: you’ll find one. Being part of a group will keep you motivated and inspired.  Check out Fitclublosangeles.com!  They have amazing group sessions.

#3. If you’re a gym person, join a gym and actually go!

The percentage of people who join a gym and never go is insanely high! So, here’s what I suggest: if your finances allow, join a gym that’s more expensive. The $20 a month gym is way easier to blow off then the $150 a month gym. Plus, the pricier gyms have you sign contracts that lock you in for good. The cheaper gyms you can often cancel at any moment. Which one will keep you more motivated? I highly recommend Equinox if there is one in your area.  State of the art equipment, super clean, spa-like locker rooms, and everyone is fit!

#4. Hire a personal trainer or a coach of some kind.

Even if it’s temporary, a good trainer will motivate you and hold you accountable, which is just what you’ll need!

#5. Keep an exercise log!

Here are the two main reasons.  One, it holds you accountable, and two, you can see your progress. Keeping a log is a great way to bring you closer to your goals, and nothing feels more rewarding than accomplishing them.

#6. Keep a food log.

Why? Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet goes hand in hand with daily exercise. If one is off, it will negatively impact the other. Livestrong.com has a great food log and their website is packed with helpful information on health and fitness.

#7. Purchase in-home equipment and in home exercise DVD’s.

I highly recommend P90X.  If your excuse is that you’re too tired to get to the gym, this nips that excuse right in the bud.  There’s also a free website called Body Rock TV that is amazing!  You’ll find super challenging workouts that are not too time-consuming and plus, they’re fun!  For in-home equipment I recommend you check out powersystems.com. They have just about everything you’ll need. If you don’t know what you’ll want to hire a personal trainer.

#8. Think of a race that you’ve always wanted to complete like a 5K or a sprint triathlon.

Even if you haven’t given one thought yet, now may be a great time to do so!  Look up a beginner’s training schedule and get to it.  One of the main reasons why you probably haven’t completed one is fear.  If it’s not fear, then maybe it’s laziness that’s holding you back. Remember, you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to!

#9. Order a few fitness magazine subscriptions.

I highly recommend Women’s Health for the ladies and Men’s Health for the guys. Or you may want to order both to get a different perspective. You’d be surprised how much you’ll learn from these magazines and looking at half naked fit models will definitely keep you on point.

#10. Always stay prepared and keep a gym bag in your car.

Example: Work ends at 5pm; you want to take a spin class at 5:45, but you forgot your gym bag. What do you think is going to happen? No gym bag, no gym…right? Lulu Lemon offers durable, long lasting gym bags and gym clothes.  A bit expensive, but absolutely worth it, plus getting a new gym bag or a new gym outfit can definitely motivate you!

The Bottom Line

After reading this list there should be no excuse! Seriously!  Remember it’s the difference between finding the time and making the time that will create positive change.  And Like I always say, “Think Fit, B Fit.”

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