Six “Tricks” Bodybuilders Use to Increase Muscular Size & Endurance

Building muscles lifting weights is one thing, however, building both muscles and muscular endurance is another story.

Strength training without incorporating endurance strength training of some kind will give you results, sure, but I believe the results will only go so far if the latter is ignored.

When working on muscular strength, your muscle endurance may overtime naturally increase, because as you get stronger, you may for example begin to increase the amount of repetitions you perform in your lifts. However, this isn’t always the case for how a bodybuilder decides to structure their workouts will depend purely on their objective and knowledge base.

Many bodybuilders simply want to get ripped out of their minds but others not only want to get ripped but prefer to get what I like to call “functionally ripped.” This is where a focus on muscular endurance comes into play.

Adding Muscle Endurance Training to Your Weight Training Regimen

man doing pushupMany lifters structure their workouts for not only muscle development but also endurance development, a combination that I feel is ideal. Being strong without endurance is like being a Clydesdale horse that can barely pull a carriage across town.

Many people tend to focus on pure strength but neglect the endurance component. Endurance and strength training can be combined into one for amazing results. To build muscle endurance, you will want to utilize longer duration workouts, and if you organize them correctly, your muscle strength, size and endurance will improve in concert.

Even Strength Training Has Limits Though

bodybuilder lifting weights

Of course nobody can build strength or endurance without training, but training only goes so far. Nutrition, rest and recovery are just as important. We’re going to take a look at these and more. Bodybuilders of course also have other tricks up their sleeves, and were going to look at some of those as well.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at six tricks bodybuilders use to improve their muscle strength and endurance.

6 Tricks Bodybuilders Use to Increase Endurance

The parallel development of muscular size, strength and endurance makes training more productive. Here are six ways bodybuilders increase both muscle strength and endurance.

#1. Workout Consistency

If your training program is made up correctly and consistently, your strength and endurance will increase in parallel. Moreover, the workouts should be done with the regular periodicity, 4-6 times per week. Strength training should become a priority in your life if you want to get in amazing shape, you will need the physical and moral efforts to stick with your goals.

#2. Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine anhydrous is an organic compound that can be found in plants, humans or animals. Actually, betaine is used as a supplement which is obtained from the beetroot. The use of the given supplement contributes to the decrease in fatigue, increase of strength and endurance during workouts. Moreover, it is the great addition to your nutrition regimen.

#3. Number of Repetitions

As a bodybuilder you should perform exercises for the increase in endurance and strength in a certain number of repetitions. If you do 3 sets with 15 repetitions, then you use very small weight. Remember that the optimal number of repetitions for the development of the necessary indicators is between 8 and 12 repetitions. By the way, if you do 12 repetitions easily then you should increase your working weight as well. Of course, these are just general guidelines, and not exactly what you would call a one size fits all path to success. Additionally, there are special sports endurance workouts and exercises which can improve your state and you will see how your endurance indicators will change for the better.

#4. Nutrition, Supplementation, And…

Nutrition is one of the most crucial components to building muscle. Nutrition influences the increase in endurance and strength. Bodybuilders consume protein products, vegetables, and carbohydrates in their nutrition plan. It is well-known that the body should receive energy regularly. Because of this fact, many bodybuilders eat at least every 3 hours. In total, you should probably have about 6 meals during the day. Sounds crazy, I know. Besides, many athletes and bodybuilders add anabolic steroids for increasing muscle endurance and strength. These products give very significant effect and make the workouts easy to perform and aide in rest & recovery, which happens to be next on the list.

#5. Rest and Recovery

If your body does not get enough rest, then nutrition and workouts will not give the results. The lack of the recovery time doesn’t allow the muscle system to recover and to become stronger and enduring. You must structure your workouts in a way that every next training your body has had time to recover after the last one.

#6. Stretching

A lot of men think that stretching is for women and they don’t see anything common between stretching and their heavy work with the weights. They are wrong because stretching makes our body more nimble and it is very important if you want to be “functionally ripped.” Stretching after lifting heavy will also help your muscles recover faster. Regular stretching makes your muscles more flexible and will prepare them for your next heavy lift.

The Bottom Line

In order to increase both strength and endurance, bodybuilders utilize many tricks to compliment their hard work in the gym. Strength training is the essential component but as I’ve covered here, bodybuilders also focus extensively on nutrition, and many, especially those on the competitive stage use steroids, which I highly recommend you avoid or proceed with utmost caution if you must. Obviously consult a doctor of course as well, even if you think they will advise against your decision.

Additionally, the ignoring of nutrition, stretching, and recovery makes a bodybuilders work with the weights more difficult and not as effective, especially if the nutrition and recovery component is overlooked. Building the body is hard work and it takes the right approach and consistency.

Overall, nutrition and hitting the gym hard is the primary way bodybuilders build their muscular endurance and strength. Every other trick is useless if you don’t put in the time or properly fuel your body.

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