Why Food, Sleep and Exercise Are Critical to Success

Food, Sleep and Exercise!

You’ve probably heard about the expression that behind every successful person stands someone important in their lives or something which pushes him/her forward. Well, we think that behind every successful person stand a good night sleep, proper nutrition and some time devoted to exercising and training. If you think carefully, you will realize that, in order to be successful and stand tall, a man must be healthy and have enough energy to cope with every day business. Here is how we see the necessities of a modern man’s life.


Whenever you walk a lot, you actually exercise. But for the heart, lungs and arteries, it is good to have something more energetic than walking, something like short exercises. You need exercises where you will use a lot of oxygen. It should start slowly, because if you have not practiced for 5, 10 or 20 years, then you are not in good shape. You need weeks and months of training to get back into form. You need to breathe deeply and to be sweating, and because of that, exercising should last at least 30 min, or more, around 45 minutes. If you want to burn fats and if you want to have enough oxygen, it’s best to go to aerobics. It’s good sometimes to have energetic, strenuous exercises. But you must be sure that you are physically capable for doing that and that we will not harm you anyhow. In order to perform properly, make sure your GP agrees with such exercising program.

There are so many exercises that are very good for our body. Choose the ones you like mostly, such as swimming, running, aerobics, cycling, walking. Our body should be constantly on the move. The lungs and the heart must work and pump blood. Work at least 3 times a week and you’ll feel much better and you will be satisfied. During exercising, the metabolism capacity grows (this is called BMR), and should remain like that for 48 hours. If we make a longer break, the metabolism performance declines again. It must stay at the certain level, so that we always have energy and strength. Hence, it is recommended that you exercise at least twice a week. If the weather is bad outside, you can practice inside as well. Some will say: “Time is awful today and I cannot exercise.” In such cases you need to plan on how to train indoors. But it is always better for both our body and our mind to exercise outside, in the sun and on the fresh air.

What else would be god is if you had a training partner. When you stop, your partner will tell you: “Come on, hold on a little longer, you can do it!” If you do not have a training partner, you can bring the phone or iPod at the gym or place where you exercise, because you can listen to some good music which lifts you up, and you will always be able to practice. Walking is the safest exercise, and each of us is capable of doing it. We want to encourage you to start with some kind of exercise, because within a few weeks you will realize it was nothing but an excellent idea.


lack of sleep and bodybuildingIn order to be in a good mood, in a good daily rhythm, we need to sleep enough. Sleeping is not a 2 min rest from daily duties, but it is needed for health, mental and emotional functions. If we do not sleep enough, many unwanted consequences can be manifested. How many times did we think we would fall asleep while we were walking, because of the drowsiness that overwhelmed us? How many times have we discreetly closed our eyes on some meeting, just for a minute, eagerly awaiting the end, because we were tired? Such situations are many when a man breaks the threshold of endurance, and wants only one thing – haves some sleep.

The length of sleep at adults is 6 to 8 hours. Considering that this average is not sufficient for everyone, some people also need more sleeping hours. Therefore, people are classified into short and long sleepers. In any case, a person should be completely rested so that his/her brain functions are fully recovered. Who does not sleep well enough cannot conclude well enough later on, and his/her thoughts are blurry. Sleepless people are more sensitive and nervous, and if such phases last long, they can lead to depression. A good long dream can really turn an arguable person into an emotionally stable and happy individual. We just need to work hard on it. The brain will hardly receive new information without adequate sleep. Β Scientists have conducted several studies, which prove a direct connection between dreams and memory. It has been proven that during the sleep the brain revises information and helps them remain memorized. Also, with a lack of sleep, the brain may be β€œslow”, and as a result, a memory loss occurs first.


Healthy and proper nutrition is one of the basic problems nowadays. A large number of people spends most of their day in the office, in a stressful environment, and has a little time to think about food. We often encounter with a situation where people eat breakfast in time for lunch, and they do it quickly in a nearby bakery store.Β  They are not even aware of how improper and unhealthy diet affects their performance at work and their health. Lunch then pushes the dinner, and after that, tiredness is more intense, because of a full-day hunger and finally full stomach at the night. Interestingly, occasional starvation can be effective for cleansing the body, but it needs to be well-instructed how to “properly starve”, so as not to disturb the complete functioning of the organism.

What are the healthy foods?

Healthy foods are those foods that do not contain too many proteins and fats in them (those are especially of animal origin, such as meat, eggs, cheese, fish) and are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals such as herbal foods, fruits, integral grains, seeds. For normal functioning of the organism and good health, more than 6 nutrients should be introduced into our daily meals: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. The main groups of foods where we can find these they are in fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, milk and milk products, and legumes. Healthy eating means eating as simple as possible. Do not mix foods of a different composition (such as carbohydrates and proteins). Healthy eating also means eating in moderate amounts; not too fast and voraciously, but with the awareness of the importance of bringing food into the body. You need to pay attention to the temperature of the food, not too cold or too hot, nut also if it is not too salty, sour or too spicy.

The ideal weight is maintained by proper diet, active physical exercises, taking food consciously, at the time when the organism is hungry, taking a moderate amount of food and sufficient amount of fluids. Vitamins are organic matter essential for the normal functioning of our body. The growth, regulation of metabolism, strength, activity and good health depend on them. The lack of only one vitamin can endanger the entire human organism. Vitamins are one of six essential nutrients. Right next to the air, water is considered the most needed element for life. The average human body is composed of 60-70 percent of water. Without food, man can live for almost 2 months but without water for only a few days. Still, most people do not know how much water they need to drink, and most of them live in dehydration. Take this all into account next time when you skip your meal or when you forget to take a glass of pure water.

The Bottom Line

This is not anything new, guys. We all sleep and eat, walk occasionally. But in order to be satisfied with yourself fully, and let others notice that, ask yourself: Do I sleep enough? Did I actually eat the entire pizza alone? Are your car keys the only thing which will move you? When you answer these, you will know that success needs more. And trust us, the results will only be beneficial.

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