How to Prevent Sports Injuries in Kids

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Swimming, running, playing basketball, and other sports are great for teaching children discipline and how to stretch their limits. However, any sport carries a risk of injury.

At Swimright Academy, we believe parents and coaches can and should take the necessary steps to help kids protect themselves from sports injuries. In this article, we will share some safety tips with you.

What Are the Most Dangerous Sports for Kids?

If you’re wondering what sport has the most injuries, we have the answer for you. According to sports injury statistics, football is the most dangerous sport for kids aged between 5-14 in the USA. Every year, more than 215,000 kids end up in emergency rooms across the country for injuries caused by football. This sport is also one of the most popular in America.

Some other dangerous sports for kids are ice hockey, mixed martial arts, basketball, soccer, and bicycling.

The good news for swimmers is that swimming is one of the least dangerous sports out there, not least because coaches are directly responsible for supervising the swimming pool during lessons. They basically perform the role of lifeguards, especially when it comes to swimming for beginners.

Even though swimming has a relatively low risk of injury, parents should never underestimate safety and take their time to teach children some extra tips.

What Are the Most Common Sport Injuries?

Here are some of the most common children sport injuries:

  • Ankle Sprains: these injuries happen when the ligaments that support the ankle stretch and tear; they often occur in kids who play sports like basketball, football, and soccer.
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears: this type of injury is most common in children who play volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis; they occur after a jump or twist or due to a blow to the outside of the knee.
  • Spondylolysis: this injury is a stress fracture to the lumbar spine; it occurs when a bone breaks after experiencing repeated stress from tension and is most common in kids who do gymnastics, rowing, and play tennis.
  • Concussion: this injury can occur in football, basketball, soccer, and some other sports, as the result of a direct blow to the child’s head.
  • Irritation/Inflammation of Shoulders: this injury occurs due to the constant joint rotation and is most common in children who play badminton and do swimming.

What Are Some Essential Safety Rules for Kids?

Every parent should know and explain to their kids that before starting a new sport, they should familiarize themselves with safety rules.

For example, a child should stretch and warm up before starting any exercises or sports games – this will help them reduce the chances of getting injured. Staying hydrated when practicing sports is vital for every child, too.

Using proper equipment that fits well is also very important. For example, children should wear helmets for ice hockey and goggles for swimming.

If you’re unsure what shoes, mouthguards, padding your child should use, ask the coach what equipment is best.

Incorrect technique can lead to injury – it’s a fact. So to avoid injury, children must now the general rules of sports games such as football and soccer and learn proper skating or swimming techniques.

Besides, parents should choose a sports school that is highly committed to safety and injury prevention. All sports coaches must present evidence of having passed the CPR and other safety training for coaches.

And even if your child can’t wait to return to their sport after an injury, following doctor’s instructions on when they can do it is a must.

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