Easy Men’s Fashion Tips That Are Perfect for the Gym

Gym Fashion Tips for Men

For many men, a workout at the gym isn’t something they do to shed a few kilos or get fit; it’s a lifestyle choice. You do it because you enjoy it, it energizes you and makes you feel dominant, and it’s something you simply can’t imagine living without.

With that said, men typically want to be able to just hit the gym and not have to worry about what they’re wearing, how their hair looks, or whether they are looking fashionable in that moment.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some low maintenance men’s fashion tips that are perfect for the gym.

4 Low Maintenance Gym Fashion Tips for Men

#1. Say Goodbye to Long Unruly Locks

One of the first tips is to say goodbye to those long unruly locks you may have. While long hair can look great outside the gym, it tends to get in the way when you’re in the middle of an intense workout. Not only that but it can make you feel that much hotter since thick long hair will trap the heat in.

The good news is that short hair is trendy for men right now, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

The fade haircut is usually the best way to go, as it will still provide you with some length on top, but not a crazy amount. Finding the best fade haircut for guysinvolves taking a look at your hair type (curly, wavy, straight) and texture (fine or thick).

You can opt for a high fade with long hair on top, a high bald fade, or a taper fade. It just depends on how much hair you want to be left with and how much energy you want to put into styling it.

#2. Opt for Sleeveless Shell Shirts Over Fitted Tank Tops

While you may be inclined to reach for that fitted tank top to show off all your hard work, in reality, a sleeveless shell tank will be much more comfortable for working out in. It will allow your body to breath, won’t cling to you, and it will still show off your muscles. Just be sure it’s not too loose, as this can be hazardous as you are lifting weights and using various machines.

You’ll probably want to grab a few of these so you’ve always got one clean and ready to throw into your gym bag.

#3. Reach for Breathable Materials

As you shop for gym gear, take the time to actually read the labels on the clothing. You want to be grabbing items that are made of breathable fabrics such as cotton. Today, there are also moisture-wicking fabrics that will actually pull the moisture away from your skin and absorb it into the material instead. Either of these will work well.

#4. Make Sure You Wear the Proper Footwear

The final tip is related to footwear. It’s important to focus on functionality rather than style when it comes to your gym shoes. This means finding the correct size and a shoe that has been designed for the activities you will be performing most often. This will ensure your feet are comfortable and well-supported.

The Bottom Line

Wearing fashionable gear isn’t exactly going to be on every guys mind before heading out for their daily pump session, however, wearing fashionable workout gear may potentially help you attract the opposite sex, so it might not be such a bad idea after all. Considering that many women probably won’t give you a second glance if you’re dressed like a gym hobo, quality gym clothes and gear may be worth the price of admission. Of course, you’re not going to the gym to pickup on chicks anyways, right?!

It is also worth noting that in many cases fashionable gear isn’t simply about making a fashion statement. Fashionable gear is also often quality gear and quality gear is certainly going to be a requirement depending on how hard you plan on crushing it at the gym. Squats in jeans, anyone… No thank you!

So go ahead, follow these fashion tips and you’ll always be comfortable and in style at the gym.

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