Why Pedicures Are Equally Important for Men

Why Pedicures Are Equally Important for Men

For decades, pedicures have been deeply engrained as a normal part of the female beauty routine. This has been driven by perspectives in our every day media as well as Hollywood films. The less spoken truth is that pedicures are just as important and valuable as part of the male grooming routine. Although some men feel deterred from going to a salon to have their nails treated, it’s an important part of maintaining their overall health and appearance.

3 Reasons Why Men Will Also Benefit From A Pedicure

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s important to change the way we talk about pedicures.

#1. Get Rid of Rough Feet

Any person who neglects their feet for a long period can find that their skin gets tough or forms painful cracks. Few of us take the time to soak our feet at home enough to avoid this outcome. Men are just as prone to rough feet as women, and anyone doing an outdoorsy job is even more at risk. The ideal way to treat rough feet is by investing in the best pedicure chairs, which can help you get a full service pedicure even at home. A pedicure chair allows you to sit back and relax while soaking your feet and even having a massage at the same time. If you’re doing it at home, ask a friend to scrub your feet and remember to follow up with moisturizer. At a salon, they’ll do it all for you!

#2. Better Hygiene

The space beneath the toenails can be one of the most unhygienic in the body. Leaving this alone and not addressing it will only make the problem worse. You may even experience fungal growth, which can cause a lot of discomfort. A pedicure will remove dirt and dead skin from the bottom of your feet. Your feet will be left feeling refreshed and soft. (Read more at We Heart Nails)

#3. Looking Good

Toenails and feet can quickly start looking unsightly if they’re not groomed. While this may be passable in the depth of winter, come summer you may be wishing that you’d taken time to clean and strengthen your toenails and make your feet look good in sandals. Don’t worry, if you go to a nail salon you won’t have to go through endless questions on nail polishes or how you want your nails shaped. Your technician is there to make you feel comfortable and is respectful of your wishes. A basic pedicure will simply leave your toes and feet looking natural and healthy.

The Bottom Line

These are a handful of reasons why men should not feel discouraged about getting a pedicure. Everyone deserves this pampering treatment and if you choose to DIY, you can get the same benefits in as little as 15 minutes a week. You’ll only need a footbath, a scrubber, nail scissors or a trimmer and a nourishing moisturizer. A pedicure chair will make the experience even easier and more enjoyable. As well as providing a whole host of health benefits, your nails and feet will look perfectly representable.

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