Proven Ways to Buff Up Quickly


In bodybuilding, there is nothing like an absolute training or proven plan because everyone has a different body type and what might seem to work for me is just for me.

Even if I can recommend it to others, there is just a 60% chance that it will work on others; otherwise, based on gender, race, ethnicity, metabolism rate, and overall daily output, everyone has a different response.

We have seen that some people have a better metabolism rate so they can eat whatever they want whereas others can eat very little, but they gain weight. This has become very common, and most people now debate that body image must not be normalized on a specific standard.

When it comes to bodybuilding, one thing that everyone loves is food. No matter what you eat or how much you eat, it seems that there is no boundary or limit. If you ask a bodybuilder what they like the most about bodybuilding, they will quickly point out the food portion; on the contrary, they hate the workout regime.

Now we know that diet plays a very important role and it helps in accelerating the overall progress. However, when you put a time frame to the progress, you might have to reconsider a few things; your metabolism plays a very important role in this regard.

We have seen people going too slim to buff in a few days, and we have seen others losing weight in just a few weeks’ time. Everyone has their own potential, and with the right diet, workout plan, and continuous effort to improve health, all these things get better.

For the beginners, results might be a little slow, but nonetheless, you will see results. To help beginners with complete bodybuilding, we have formulated a complete plan. Here is everything that a beginner can do in 3 months’ time to go from lean body to a buff hulk.

What Your Plan Needs

Your plan needs a complete division into four steps, and each step is equally important. This plan doesn’t include any quick fixes, so it is better to avoid any steroid-based medicine, injections, metabolism boosters, and powerful solutions.

If you work continuously, you will be able to gain muscles, and you will see results. On average, this plan will help you gain around 12 pounds if you focus on yourself.

Your plan needs:

  • A simple and easy diet plan
  • Right equipment and supplements for weight gain
  • Extensive workout plan
  • Improvement in the plan according to the results

This plan only works if you keep your focus on all these things; missing one thing completely or skipping some important points might affect the workout plan altogether.

Your Diet Is Your Escape

We will start with the basic diet plan that will explore the type of food you need to eat and the type of food that you need to avoid. Although a common misconception is that bodybuilding is all about food, and the more you eat, the better results you get. However, there is a very strong role in food content as well.

There are food items that help in weight gain, but you don’t need fat; instead, you need muscle. For that, try eating as much protein as possible. From the dairy products, you can eat all kinds of meat, chicken, and fish. Additionally, add eggs to your diet, and you will see that this accelerates the progress. If you don’t want to eat dairy, you can also try lentils, legumes, nuts, and vegetables.

Most bodybuilders eat almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts, etc. this also opens avenues for the use of crushes, nut powder, or peanut butter that you can add to your protein shake. For legumes and seeds, you can eat chickpea, quinoa, sunflower seeds, and other forms of legumes as well. We have seen that people like to add grilled chicken, chickpea, eggs, and nuts to their salads, and this has proved to be a great way to gain muscles. Additionally, you need to start drinking a good smoothie with fresh fruits, milk, and a few greens.

Your Success Depends On Your Workouts

Now that we have decided on the kind of food that is required to gain muscles, we can switch to a good workout plan that will help you gain muscles at the right place. Your workout is your time to escape the world; you will see that your body is changing, and you need to see the changes that are helping you because this will help you track the progress as well. It is a common known fact that every workout plan is not ideal for all body types, so it is very important to design a workout plan on your own that suits you.

Tips to Improve Your Success

For the initial part, you need to measure yourself; you need insight into your weight, fat content. BMI, height, and how much you want to lose or gain. All these things will set out a simple layout. Also, you will see that your plan will have a portion of workouts that you will have to dismiss after a few days, whereas there are few workouts that will stay a part of your workout plan till the end. To filter out these exercises, you need a detailed research plan.

Conduct Your Research

Before you start formulating your workout plan, check online workout plans that are recommended by the people. There is a term “hard gainer” this is a very common issue where you work hard, but you are unable to translate your time into results. In short, you keep working, and nothing happens. To avoid this issue altogether, you need to conduct detailed research first.

Set a Goal

Once you have research planned, you will see various plans, and you can compare all the plans according to the effectiveness. Now, you have your BMI, height, and weight, so you must know how much you need to gain. List up your goal and divide your goal on the basis of each week. Let’s say you want to gain 12 pounds in 3 months, you will have to divide that based on week, and you will see that you are required to gain one punch each week.

Know Your Body Type

By now, you must have an idea about your body type; this means that you know if you can gain weight easily or you don’t regain weight. Most people have a slow metabolism due to the lazy routine, but this cannot be generalized. So, you need to see if you gain weight easily or you have to struggle just to retain your weight.

Make a Schedule

According to your body type, you need to divide everything into short-term goals, and then you can make a schedule. Your schedule needs to address the time frame, your diet for that day, along with the exercises that you will be performing within that time frame. You cannot perform the same exercises every day, which means you need to switch. Additionally, you should aim for every body part rather than missing out on legs or core. Most people get chicken legs because they beef up on the upper body area, but they don’t work out for the lower body.

Measure the Progress

Progress measurement is a genuine issue that most people do not address. If you feel a workout plan is not working out for you, you can skip it altogether or at least try to make some amendments, most people stick with the same workout routine without measuring the progress, and as a result, they declare themselves hard gainers.


Building muscle quickly is every man’s dream, especially when they first step foot in the gym. However, most of us learn quite quickly that it isn’t quite as easy as we may have thought.

Typically, building muscle takes time, like everything, however, there are some things you can do to improve your muscle building efforts and fast track your results.

The tips in this guide are a great place to start your muscle building journey, but don’t go in expecting to look like hulk overnight.

However, in as short as three months, you can dramatically improve your physique with the right approach and dedication.

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