5 Major Reasons to Use Wrist Supports In Your Yoga Routine

Wrist Supports for Yoga?

Yoga has been with us for a very long time and it’s popularity continues to grow. It has been practiced for over five thousand years. Apart from yoga being an endurance program, it does more than just burn calories.

It involves stretching poses, strengthening, and toning muscles, meditation, and breathing. Just like in other workout programs, your body is prone to developing injuries.

The major most common cause of injuries in yoga is the overuse of the muscles involved during the workouts. One way that has been found effective in preventing some of these injuries is wearing a wrist support during yoga workouts.

But why should anyone even consider using wrist supports for sports?

Here are 5 Major Reasons to Use Wrist Supports in Your Yoga Routine

#1. They Allow Flexibility

A lot of flexibility is required in most of the yoga exercises and routines. Most of these stretches can put some pressure on the wrist. In this case, is not unusual to injure or twist your wrist during a workout. This is where a wrist support bands come in handy. They help make sure you stay flexible without worrying about injury. They make it easy for you to maneuver in these hard positions, giving you a stress-free workout.

#2. They Reduce Compression

Compression occurs when the two bones around the wrist hit each other, exerting pressure on the tissues surrounding them. While yoga is aimed at working on tension and compression, most people will end up with wrist injuries in such cases. To anyone practicing yoga, they’ll tell you that sensation of a compression can be very rich. Wrist supports can be helpful to reduce compression caused injuries. What they basically do is reduce a bit of flexibility to keep the wrist bones from hitting one another.

#3. To Add Support

In a majority of yoga workouts, the wrist will need to support the entire body weight occasionally. Take for instance, during Vinyasa, your wrists bear most of the weight. Without the proper support, wrist injuries can occur. Also, you will notice that while doing planks or crows, your palms will be used for support. Even a strong core at times will not be enough to prevent such injuries. Having a wrist support gear will help to create an additional support on the wrists.

#4. Wrist Supports Prevent Pains

Wrist pains are a common thing in yoga, yet, this pain is ignored in most cases and we continue with our routines. Because of overusing the wrist muscles, which are weak in nature, the build-up of pressure causes them to break. This eventually makes it hard to go on with yoga as the pain becomes unbearable. Wearing wrist support will take the pressure off your wrist to ensure that you advance to the next level in your yoga practice.

#5. To Add Strength

A good number of workouts require you build strength, and yoga is no exception. Your wrist consists of a short joint head that rotates in a socket with several ligaments for attachment. An impingement occurs when the radius comes into contact with your wrist bone. This happens as a result of too much weight being put on the wrist. A wrist support will help to provide the necessary strength required to bear this weight.

The Bottom Line

As we all know the benefits of having a healthy workout program, yoga being one of them, it’s important that we take good care of ourselves while exercising.

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