Shakeology vs Vega One Taste

Only the deaf have not heard about the protein shakes. Of course, we mean the dietary products, which substitute snacks, fill your body with necessary vitamins and nutrients, and, guess what, even make you lose weight. You eat less when there is a tasty drink by your side.

Still, the more popular these drinks become, the more difficult it is to control its quality. Today we will compare two well-known protein shakes that are rather effective. These are the famous and expensive Shakeology and a bit cheaper but not of a less quality Vega One Nutritional Shake and Shakeology.

Of course, you can read more in so-called forums. However, we donโ€™t recommend you trust unfamiliar sources. Let us give you the true info.


According to our analysis, both products consist of various herbs, fruit and vegetable extracts, and different types of protein.

The differences are rather small between the products we compare. The Vega is made of some usual vegetables like spinach and broccoli mostly. Shakeology has more exotic ingredients like goji berry and moringas. Enzyme blend is the best advantage of all.

It improves the work of a digestive system as well as the probiotic blend. Despite the fact the types of digestive boosters are totally different, these affect the body almost equally. However, real people are more into Shakeology.

It seems like these are more impressive. It is evident that Shakeology is much more caloric, as well as it contains more sugar. Hence, it is much tastier. Maybe thatโ€™s why people are so obsessed with our sweet shake? Hmmโ€ฆBut is it worth spending a fortune on something that contains so many calories and only worsens the situation?


There are 6 flavors of Shakeology to any taste: strawberry, greenberry, latte, chocolate, vanilla as well as additional vegan taste. This one is definitely for the those who hate boring food.

The reserved and not rather choosies can try out the Vega One which only has one taste. There is only one way out. You can add various types of milk, almond or coconut, and make the drink more diverse.

Still, remember to include the calories intake of milk to the one of a drink. As you might have understood, if you want to shed your kilos in shortest terms, go for Vega One rather than sweet and comparatively high-calorie Shakeology.

Otherwise, if you are a sweet tooth and the comfortability of the losing weight process matters to you more than taste or you are a newbie at shakes diets, we recommend you going for Shakeology.

The Price

There is no surprise 2 Vega shakes a day are a bit cheaper than Shakeology. A daily dose of Vega will cost you $7, while Shakeologyโ€™s manufacturers charge $8,66.


Anyway, there are slight differences between the two of shakes. The price and the taste are always essential, no doubt. Still, both have rather good nutritional values.

We recommend you to look through the article again, choose which drink satisfy most of your needs, pay a visit to a good doctor and make sure it wonโ€™t do you harm and give it a try. Good luck!

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