How BJJ Will Improve Your Social Life

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When most of us think about BJJ or MMA, we just stay within the boundaries of fitness and defense. The best you can think about some benefits is the way your body reacts to BJJ and daily workout.

Additionally, it helps you in time management or staying active, but one thing that most of us end up forgetting altogether is the social life.

According to most people, if your kids are shy and they donโ€™t interact with others, BJJ can help them with making friends; however, making friends for elders is specifically difficult because it is human nature that friendship is usually associated with a certain age.

We have seen people make friends till the age of 20 and once they reach that age, they stop making friends. They either have a lot of people they know or just a few acquaintances that they like to stay close to.

There is a study that proves people after the age of 25 make seasonal friends, i.e., they make friends from college and friends from work and as soon as they pass to the next phase of their life or they switch jobs, they never meet the same people again.

This means that social life has a direct relation with communication; if you lose communication, you will eventually lose the person as well.

Modern-day social life has been directly associated with communication, and that is the reason there are so many crazy gadgets, social media apps, and platforms where you can meet new people.

However, with these social media apps, you have a restriction of using things, and the experiences have been reported to be very troublesome. Overall, it is not at all safe, and if you still want to rely on these sources, you need to keep in mind the safety measures as well.

If communication is directly associated with friendship and social life, it is safe to say that joining a BJJ institution will help you meet a lot of new people with similar interests.

Since you will be meeting them on a daily basis, you will stay connected with them as well. Additionally, when you learn something, you are usually in a very vulnerable state, which means that it is easier to stay connected with people and understand them.

In short, it is similar to the school and college experience, and no one thinks deeply about the overall give and take that comes with most relationships. With that being said, it is safe to presume that BJJ can boost your social life.

Five Ways BJJ Will Improve Your Social Life

For the beginner who is looking for details, we have listed down some important topics to help you understand how social life is improved through BJJ.

BJJ is a Confidence Booster

We all know that as we get old and our metabolism rate decreases, we start to gain weight. This is a very common phenomenon, and only a daily workout can save us from this havoc of continuously growing fat. As you start gaining weight, you will see that you start to skip important social activities, start hating your body and avoid any possible social interaction with people you know. In this phase of life, most people are quite vulnerable, and so getting into BJJ teaches you to accept your body and use your body in the best way possible. We have seen that most people have very low self-esteem at the start of BJJ, but as they start to adopt the BJJ life, they feel a boost in their confidence. Most people report that BJJ has taught them that it is a good thing to accept your body as it is and work for its betterment. This also creates empathy, which is a leading virtue for everyone who wants to fit in a social setting. Most of us either over or understand the value of emotions, and BJJ helps you with accepting emotions as well.

BJJ Gives You a Sense of Family

We say that our vulnerabilities and sufferings bind us together; this also means that you are more likely to remember people who were with you in your worst time. BJJ is a phase that requires a lot of effort, you are continuously learning and unlearning things, and you will feel exhausted sometimes. There is no way you can limit the outlook on a certain situation without changing your mental outlook, and thatโ€™s what you will learn in the case of BJJ. As your class will progress, you will see that everyone around and you will make you feel like family; there is a certain sense of passivity in the air. We have seen that BJJ trainers develop a sense of legacy in a group, and years after the group has graduated, they are asked to meet on a monthly or yearly basis. It is like an army, and the bond is usually very strong when you are in an army. Most people do not understand this idea because they have never been in a situation where they have to continuously meet people or share a bond outside the family.

BJJ Helps You Meet People with Similar Interests

This is an incredible idea because we have seen that we go online and try to meet people with similar interests. In most cases, we end up with people who might share that they like to read, but they have never read in their entire life. This is quite common, and you can only judge someone once you meet them. In a BJJ class, you are more likely to meet people from the same age group, and you will see that within the same age group, most people have a similar outlook on life. This will help you meet people who are either going through the same or have similar interests and hobbies as you.

BJJ Makes You a Team Player

Being a team player means you have a sense of empathy. We have seen that there are so many people around us who are great at heart, and they are amazing individuals but as soon as they jump into a social situation, they lose their temper and start offending people. This is very common, and we have seen people doing it very often. Now, for most people, this seems like a very genuine issue because this affects their family life as well as their work-life because they are asked to work in teams, and they donโ€™t feel confident about it. If you are a BJJ payer, you will learn the art of becoming a team player. Most of us are already familiar with this idea, but as you become a regular BJJ player, you will see that you have come a long way, and now you are making friends as well.

BJJ Keeps You Motivated

Most people like to work out, but they hate the idea of social gatherings; this is the reason we see so many people losing motivation once they join a gym. They feel people are glaring at them, and they are surrounded by people who are better. Within the BJJ institutes, it is taught that people go through a high and low phase, and it is fine to lose motivation. We have seen a similar loss of motivation in players and athletes as well, so while working with a team, there is a possibility that someone will help you retain your positivity that you might have lost otherwise.


If youโ€™ve come this far and have signed up for your first BJJ class, congratulations! You can now say that you are a growing part of an amazing community.

For many years, people have been training BJJ, not only as a sport but for self-defense. BJJ will boost your self-confidence and help you stay in great shape.

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