New Skills and Hobbies for Women to Make the Most of Quarantine

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Lockdowns and quarantines can take their toll on our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual health. And for those of us who are used to business and activity, this is especially the case.

One way you can fight the boredom from isolation is to learn a new skill, perhaps something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the time for because of work.

Use the time to attend online workshops or courses, take live lessons virtually, or just sit through a webinar. It’s a good opportunity to challenge yourself, reinforce career competencies, or just learn for the sake of it.

Psychologists have published that learning a mentally intensive skill is likely to improve a person’s cognitive functions too, but more passive pastimes, such as word puzzles or listening to classical music, have less of an effect.

But, if the lockdown blues have been setting in, it’s time to take some action, any action. Developing new skills and participating in regular hobbies is one of the best ways to improve both your physical and mental health.

New Skills Women Can Learn During Lockdowns

So, without further ado, here are six awesome skills to explore…


Experts believe that dancing can have stress-relieving effects as it requires physical exertion. With the movement, endorphins are released, leaving you with feelings of pleasure while also reducing discomfort. Furthermore, psychologists report that because of the music, dancing may reduce anxiety. Watch and dance along with streamed instructional videos to learn the basics as well as new dance trends.


Or any other musical instrument. It doesn’t have to be a complicated or sophisticated instrument. What’s important is you are passionate and determined to learn it. A lot of homes have pianos that have become mostly decorative. If you have one at home, bring it to life; there are plenty of YouTube tutorials as well as professional instructors offering virtual lessons.


With quarantine comes split ends. Or grey hairs. Staying home doesn’t necessarily have to mean waiving grooming and self-care. Do yourself (and your housemates) a favor and learn how to cut, style, or treat hair. Many salons offer tutorials, hair tips, product recommendations, and other free content via social media. You’ll just need a few basic hair stylist tools and supplies to get started.


A lot of photographers start out because of the family — and the desire to immortalize memories with them. Eventually, this passion for taking family photos evolve more as a skill entailing operating equipment, techniques, lighting, etc. This skill might be a little technical, though. It would be best to start with understanding how cameras work and, of course, you’ll need to buy the equipment.

Digital Illustration

If you love drawing and if you are technology-minded, then you may have what it takes to master digital illustration. It’s nothing short of art expression in the new age.  The learning itself is valuable, but digital illustration could open up added income opportunities for you. Search the web for online courses as well as groups you can join or forums you can read through.


A lot of women have ovens in the home but don’t really use them for much else besides the occasional pot roast or casserole. Baking, psychologists say, can relieve stress and give us something to look forward to. There are many things that are out of our control, especially now, but the act of following recipes and measuring ingredients provides a calming sense of routine.

Because baking is an “exact science”, it keeps the mind focused and engaged. Disclaimer: baking can be addictive, so is shopping for baking equipment, accessories, and ingredients.

Benefits of Learning a New Skill

Taking on a new skill motivates you. You have more reasons to get up each morning. There’s a feeling of accomplishment when you learn a new skill and this accomplished feeling can drive you further. And the closer you come to mastery, the more motivation there is to forge on.

Neurologists believe that learning a new skill helps brain health by changing its physical structures. Neurons are stimulated, forming more neural pathways. And the more neural pathways there are, the faster neural impulses are transmitted. Learning in adulthood is an effective way to protect the brain against the weakening that comes with aging because learning promotes neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to adapt through experience.

Knowledge drives self-confidence. Research has found that continuous learning adds meaning and purpose to life, resulting in improved mental well-being. Added knowledge can enhance your self-esteem.

Social isolation is not only an effect of the pandemic but can come with age. Learning a new skill can keep you on your toes, socially. If you attend online classes or join forums, you maintain the interaction and communication with other individuals you likely share very similar interests with.

The Takeaway

In these unprecedented times, it is so easy to just fade away into isolation. Learning a new skill will aid you in staying focused on positivity and personal growth. Never lose sight of the silver lining: learning while on lockdown benefits you and, in turn, the family you live with.

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