Men Get Varicose Veins Too

Varicose Veins Aren’t Just a Woman’s Problem

If you ask many men, varicose veins are only a problem to women and this is not something they would need to worry about.

But according to research, as many as 55 percent of men get varicose veins only that many of them don’t discover early that it’s a problem.

These veins are not only a cosmetic concern, but they could also lead to skin ulcers, bleeding, discoloration, and a sensation that could affect one’s daily activity. This problem mostly affects the veins in lower extremities.

Varicose Veins Don’t Discriminate: It’s a Human Problem

According to many men out there, varicose veins are a problem to women. But besides pregnancy, which contributes to the problem in women, men are also prone to getting them.

Anyone working at a job that requires a lot of sitting or standing is exposed to the risk of getting varicose veins, and it does not matter what gender you are. Exercise will help to protect your legs from the problem.

In some rare cases the veins are inherited, which means if one of your parents had the veins you are likely to get them. This is not an issue about gender, but a problem that could affect anyone.

How to Deal With Varicose Veins in Men

Now that you have seen that men are equally exposed to getting varicose veins as women, you probably are wondering what you should do when you get the veins.

The first thing is to observe for symptoms, which include tiredness, swelling, muscle crumbs, leg heaviness, pain, and bulging or discolored veins.

If any of these signs show up, you should make a point to see a medical practitioner so you are checked to confirm if the problem is because of varicose veins.

Why Men get Varicose Veins

There are several reasons why men also get varicose veins. These include immobility, blood pressure, and excessive weight exerted on veins in the lower extremity. Genetics also play a role in that you may be predisposed to them, which will increase the likelihood of you getting them at some point in your life.

Varicose veins mostly happens if your veins in the legs get exposed to constant stress so they end up adapting by changing shape. With continued stress, the veins will bulge and appear larger and may have purple or bluish hue.

Having varicose veins could cause discomfort and it gives hint that one could be having poor venous circulation.

Treating Varicose Veins in Men

You should seek medical attention immediately symptoms of varicose veins are discovered. The reason is that when the veins are not treated early the problem could grow to become chronic venous disease, which could cause blood clots and ulcers.

It’s advisable to plan a regular workout schedule that will help to keep the flow of blood in your veins streamlined. After every hour of seating consider taking about 5-minute breaks.

The Bottom Line

Varicose veins could be a serious problem if left unattended and that is why you need to visit a doctor immediately symptoms manifest.

The most common cause of the veins is immobility and sitting for long hours, which often leads to exertion of pressure on veins in the lower extremity.

This is not a problem for women as some men believe because it can affect anyone including men.

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