How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

Get Your Blood Pumping: How to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

It would be great if we all had one hour per day that we could devote to exercising. But in today’s busy world, it isn’t that simple.

By the time you’ve taken the kids to school, done a shift at work and fed your family at night, the last thing you feel like doing is an hour of exercise. But thankfully, there are some quick-and-easy ways you can slot some exercise into your busy schedule, while still enjoying some downtime.

8 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule

Transform Your Commute into an Exercise Regime

If you can, transform some or all of your commute into exercise. Whether you run home from work twice a week or you ride your bike to and from work every day, this can add some of that much-needed exercise into your day but without taking up any more of your time. In fact, you may find getting to and from work under your own steam is quicker than driving or taking the subway.

Furthermore, if it’s too far to run, walk or bike, why not park your car a bit further away so you can still enjoy a fast-paced walk every day?

Do Your Exercise Early in the Morning

When you find exercise a huge challenge at the end of the day, it’s a good idea to try and fit it in before your day starts. Set your alarm early so you can get your workout ticked off before anything else needs doing. And if you really struggle to get up early, sleep in your gym clothes so you don’t even have to get dressed before you start your workout!

Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Make use of that hour you get at lunch to do some exercising. You might not want to get too hot and sweaty in the gym, but sneaking in a walk on your lunch break can help boost your fitness and reduce your waistline. Plus, it’ll also boost your productivity levels, because taking an hour away from your desk can really help you focus again in the afternoon.

Take the Kids Out Exercising with You

When you’ve got kids to think about, exercising can become an expensive activity, especially when you have to pay a babysitter in order for you to go to the gym. However, why not head to the park with your kids in tow?

If you’ve got a young child or baby, pushing them around in their stroller is a great workout, while older kids might enjoy getting active with you. You could even host a family game of soccer to get everyone involved!

Make Sure You’re No Longer a Couch Potato

Watching your favorite TV show at night may be the perfect way for you to switch off, but why not make this part of your exercise regime, too?

Set up your gym equipment, like the PerfectRower, for example, in front of the TV and start doing a workout while you’re catching up on the latest show. Not only does this kill two birds with one stone, but it’ll also take your mind of your exercises, so you’ll probably keep going for longer!

Use the Treadmill to Multitask

To save yourself time, why not hop on the treadmill to do a brisk walk or jog, while also doing some upper-body exercises at the same time?

Arm yourself with a dumbbell in each hand and start doing some biceps curls, shoulder presses, front laterals, side laterals and triceps extensions while you’re walking. Allow a minute for each of these exercises initially, before increasing these sets as you go.

Work Out at Your Desk

You might find this a little awkward if you’re working in an office full of people, but who cares?

When you get two minutes free at work or you’re reading something on your computer, start doing some lunges, ab crunches or dumbbell curls. By doing these a couple of times a day you can enjoy other exercise regimes that you want to get involved in, like tennis, for example.

Run Up the Stairs

If you’ve got stairs in your home, run up these instead of leisurely walking up them. And, if you can, take two a time, because this will target your leg muscles even further.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t have to be difficult to squeeze some exercise into your everyday routine. Just make some simple additions and you’ll soon find that you’re increasing your fitness level and decreasing your waistline. You may even find that you’re allowing even more time in your day for these new found fitness techniques!

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Will Parrett is a partner at Tynings Media and graduated from Plymouth University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Development. He has over 10 years experience working in the fitness industry and is the fitness writer for and several other fitness blogs.

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