Water Aerobics Workouts: An Introduction to Aquatic Fitness

woman utilizing a water aerobics workout

After making the decision that you’re going to spend some time on a workout program to improve your fitness level and get in shape, it’s time to consider all the various options that are available to you.

Strength training should always be a component of any proper workout program as this is what will give you the muscle strength to perform any other activities. In addition to this, strength training will also help to boost the metabolism and help to totally reshape your body.

Once your strength training is in place, then it also comes time to assess the various cardio options that are available as well.Β  One form of cardio training that will even add some strength training into the mix is water workouts, which is why many people choose to use this variation.

Four Fantastic Benefits of Water Aerobics Exercise

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key benefits that you’ll get with water aerobics workouts.

#1. Low Impact

low impact water exercises

The very first benefit that water aerobics brings is the fact that it’s a very low impact activity.Β  Due to the fact the body will be weightless while you’re in the water, there won’t be that stress coming down on the joints that you otherwise would experience with workouts done on the ground.

For anyone suffering from knee, hip, or back pain, swimming workouts are quite ideal for swimming is super easy on the joints.

Water aerobics will also be good for cross training if you do perform a lot of other high impact activities during the week and are looking for a way to maintain your fitness while giving your body a break from the constant pounding.

#2. Muscle Strength And Endurance

The second reason why water aerobics should be considered as a part of your program is because it will help to really enhance muscle strength and endurance as well.

Since you’re going to be working against the forces of the water in each exercise you do, this will cause the muscles to contract harder than they normally would in the air, therefore boosting your strength capacity.

Due to the fact that the water aerobics sessions are also usually 30-60 minutes in length, this will help to increase the endurance component of your muscular fitness.

#3. Water Workouts are Good For Any Skill Level

The next reason to consider doing water aerobics is because they’ll be great for individuals of all skill levels.Β  Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trainee, you’ll be able to find a water aerobics class that is right for you.

It’s important that you do enquire about the class and the intensity in which they will be working before getting started however as that ensures that you will find yourself in the most appropriate class for your ability level.

#4. High Calorie Burn

calorie burn

Finally, the last reason to consider a water aerobics class is because they will have you burning up plenty of calories.Β  Since calorie burn is an important part of the weight loss equation, it’s something that cannot be overlooked.

Water aerobics can easily burn up to 600 calories or more per hour if you are working intensely enough so will be just as beneficial to your fat loss goals as other forms of cardio training will be.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a new form of cardio exercise to try out, be sure to give water aerobics some consideration. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise for heart health, building muscular strength, and improving posture. Add to this the fact that swimming is super easy on your joints and thus ideal for those of us with hip, knee or back pain, and that it’s super fun to swim, you honestly can’t really beat swimming as a form of exercise.

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