What Are Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Injections and Why Should I Care?

hgh injection

Human growth hormone is a hormone produced and secreted naturally in our bodies via the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone first and foremost play a vital role in regulating growth during childhood and adolescence, but also play an important role in our health throughout life as HGH affect nearly every cell in our body.

Because HGH impacts nearly everything in our body and as we age HGH production slowly begins to decline after puberty, some of us more than others will begin to feel negative effects from this deficiency as we get older.

For those of us where HGH deficiency begins to negatively impact our normal day-to-day bodily functions, HGH injection therapy may just be an option for us to help restore balance and possibly improve our health and lifestyle.

What is HGH Used For and Will It Benefit Me?

human growth hormone hghIn its natural state, HGH helps regulate body fluids, muscle, cartilage and bone growth, body composition, fat and sugar metabolism, and much more. ย And as we mentioned earlier, it plays a large role in growth during childhood and adolescence among other things.

In the case of HGH therapy, a synthetic version of this hormone is injected into the body. Synthetic human growth hormone is prescribed and HGH injections are then used to inject synthetic HGH into the body on a regular basis to make up for the bodies naturally declining production of it.

Boosting your HGH levels may reduce body fat, help you build muscle, improve your sleep health, increase your energy, and may even improve your sex life, among other potential benefits. HGH injections can also increase your bone density and improve your capacity to exercise. The list of potential benefits doesn’t end here either. For example, HGH is also approved to treat adults with AIDS-related muscle wasting.

Synthetic HGH was actually developed way back in 1985 and even approved by the FDA, so there has been quite a bit of research, trial, and real world use case to draw upon.

Even so, HGH therapy isnโ€™t going to be for everyone. You may simply not be deficient to begin with. And if you are, many who begin treatment often only can afford to use it short-term (keep reading to learn more about cost), and once they stop, so too do the benefits.

So essentially HGH therapy isnโ€™t necessarily going to benefit you, and even if it may, you might not even be able to afford the doctor recommended level of treatment. Many of us find this to be reality because the budget strain of ongoing therapy can add up.

Ultimately, the only surefire way to know if HGH will benefit you is to first get tested by your doctor and then begin HGH therapy if recommended as a potential treatment option.

How Do I Determine That I Have an HGH Deficiency?

The only way to find out if the synthetic version of HGH can help you is to go see a doctor and be tested for a deficiency. If you are in fact deficient and your doctor determines HGH therapy may help you, then and only then would you want to consider such treatment, for HGH therapy does come with some drawbacks, which we’ve briefly touched upon earlier and will go into more detail next.

What Are Some Potential Drawbacks of HGH Therapy?

Potential Drawbacks of HGH TherapyThere seems to be two sides to the same coin with everything, and HGH therapy is no exception. So while there are many potential benefits with HGH therapy, there are also many potential drawbacks using synthetic HGH.

Physical Drawbacks – Potential physical drawbacks to HGH therapy may include swollen and sore joints, man boobs or gynecomastia, carpal tunnel, and possibly even a trend towards developing diabetes. Ouchโ€ฆ That being said, the potential pros may outweigh the cons, so it really comes down to your unique needs and use case.

Financial Drawbacks – Potential financial drawbacks include the hefty budget required for ongoing therapy. Ongoing therapy can get mighty expensive. Even taking a low dose is outside the pocket books of many of us. We’ll dive a bit more into expense later on so keep reading.

But again, the only way to determine if HGH is for you is to begin with a doctorโ€™s assessment and deficiency test, and then actually giving HGH therapy a try.

How Do I Get an HGH Prescription?

How Do I Get an HGH Prescription?To get an HGH prescription you will need to begin by seeing your primary doctor or an HGH specialist doctor, the latter which your primary care provider may refer you to. They will ultimately determine if in fact HGH therapy is a good option for you.

Your doctor will require you to complete a full medical history questionnaire and then they will perform a physical examination and blood analysis. Other tests may be performed depending on your unique use case but generally these three are required before HGH will be considered, let alone prescribed to you.

After these three items have been completed, your doctor will then either prescribe you HGH injections themselves or provide you a referral to a specialized clinic that will assist you further. There are also quite a few ways to get HGH online, though a prescription is still required before HGH injections can be purchased.

How is HGH Administered?

How is HGH Administered?Human growth hormones (HGH) are almost always administered via injection with a syringe. There are two different delivery methods which depend on the brand of product being used. Some HGH injections come in both delivery methods which include either syringe/needle or via pens.

The syringe method of administration is pretty straight forward but compared to the pen it is a bit more difficult, especially for those of us who freak out upon sight of a needle.

Besides having to use a syringe and needle, the former method also requires you to mix a vial of lyophilized powder with bacteriostatic water. Donโ€™t worry though; this isnโ€™t as difficult as it may sound, special easy-to-follow instructions will be provided by your health care provider.

Alternatively you may be prescribed a specialized pen that makes injecting HGH even snappier. The pen method of HGH administration is more convenient, easy and safer to use. Instructions will also be provided by your doctor for proper administration.

Overall, either HGH administration method is pretty straight forward, so donโ€™t worry. Simply ask your health care provider if you have any questions about each method.

Less effective forms of treatment are also available in the form of sprays or supplements, however, HGH injection methods are substantially more effective.

Is HGH Therapy Expensive?

Is HGH Therapy Expensive?The short answer is that it depends on your personal financial situation. Unfortunately though for most of us, one of the major drawbacks of HGH therapy is without a doubt going to be the expense.

If you’re suffering from HGH deficiency, the cost of admission may just be too much. The financial burden of HGH treatment can vary pretty widely depending on how much youโ€™ve been prescribed but generally you are looking at somewhere between $1,000 to $2000 per month.

That being said, those on the lower end of the dosage scale may be able to utilize HGH therapy for around $500 per month. Many who start out at a higher dose also often lower the dose to a minimum to reduce cost but still maintain some benefits of HGH therapy. At the end of the day, the cost of HGH therapy almost entirely depends on dosage.

The Bottom Line

If you feel you may just be deficient in naturally produced human growth hormone, consult with your doctor. A proper diagnosis is the only way you will be able to know if HGH therapy is a good fit for you.

You can read resource after resource on the Internet but a self-diagnosis is simply not possible. In fact, perhaps you may even have another underlying cause for your particular ailment, for example, low testosterone.

Again, testing and proper diagnosis is the only surefire way to know whether HGH therapy is for you. If you believe this might be the case, make an appointment with your doctor today.

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