6 Circuit Jump Start Workout Plan for Women

Switch Up Your Routine, Burn Fat, and Tone With This Effective Jump Start Workout Plan

A Weight Loss Exercise Program Routine

Every now and then we all need a jump start in our workout programs.

Constantly changing up your workout routine and having a workout plan is the best and fastest way to achieve success when working out.  Set yourself up with at least a 4 week plan will ensure that you will accomplish the results you are wanting.

Stay motivated to exercise by writing down all of your workouts in a workout journal.  This makes tracking your success easy and also finding out where things are going wrong.

Have you ever caught yourself saying “I work out all the time” only to go to the gym and realize you haven’t been there in 2 weeks?  People tend to overstate their workout routines so the very best way to know for yourself that you are on the right track is to write it down.

Writing things down also keeps you accountable to yourself to uphold your workout routine.  No one wants to see a blank space for a whole week on their calendar!  Writing it down is so motivating and it will make you feel proud and happy to be one of those people that actually stick to their goals!

6 Circuit Jump Start Workout Program for Women

Try this jump start workout routine 3 times a week for 4 weeks for a lean, sleek, and firm figure.

Equipment Needed:  A pair of 5-8 pound and a pair of 10-15 pound dumbbells, plus a stability ball.

Instruction:  Do this circuit 3 times all the way through with a small rest (1 minute) after each circuit.

1. Superstar Jump – you should feel this exercise in your butt, legs and core.

Stand with your feet slightly wider then shoulder width.  Cross your wrists at the front of your hips.  Lower into a squat.  Jump as high as you can while spreading your arms and legs so your body looks like star in the air.  Return to a squat position by landing softly onto the ground.  Repeat for 15 jumps.

2. Round the Clock Lunges – you should feel this in your butt and legs.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and lunge forward with your right leg.  Push off of your right leg but do not return to starting position but pivot your leg foot (stationary foot) to the right and then come back to the starting position.  This will make you complete a clock – taking about 6 to 7 lunges around the clock to get back to where you started.  When back to starting position then switch legs and go around the clock again.  You can add weights in your hands to make it more challenging.  Go around each leg once.

3. Side Squat and Dead Lift – you should feel this in your butt, legs and biceps.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand at your sides.  Stand with feet hip-width apart.  Step your right foot half a foot out to the right and squat as you curl the weights in your hands to your shoulders.  Slowly rise back up to standing then step right foot back in to starting position and lower your arms as you bend over from your hips and try to bring the weights to your toes.  Back is flat.  Push your hips forward as you rise up.  Repeat to left side stepping on the next rep.  Do 8 on each side for 16 total reps.

4. Push Ups on the Ball – you should feel this in your chest, core, shoulders and triceps.

Place your hands on the stability ball and step feet wide apart so that your body is straight from your head to your heels.  Lower your chest towards the ball.  Press up and repeat for 15 reps.  You can place the ball up against a wall for balance if you are finding this exercise challenging.

5. Leg lifting Pike – you should feel this in your core, butt and shoulders.

Get into a push up position with your wrists aligned under your shoulders and your shins on the stability ball.  Draw your abs in and lift your butt straight up so the ball rolls in and toes are on top of it.  Raise up your left leg as high as you can.  Lower leg and roll ball back out again.  Start again but switch lifted leg on the next rep.  Repeat for 10 on each leg for a total of 20.

6. Knee Twist – you should feel this in your chest, core and arms.

Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the floor and your knees on top of a stability ball.  Bend your knees 90 degrees and have your feet flexed.  Keep your upper body still.  Roll the ball to your left.  Turn your legs and hips to the left.  Return to the center and roll to the right to complete 1 rep.  Try 8 reps and work up to 12.  You can place the ball up against a wall if this is too difficult to start.

Cardio Component

This jump start exercise program 3 times a week with HIIT cardio of your choice will help you to get a jump start on your fitness goals.

Check out the informative movie on the right to learn about the benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and how to get started today!

Do you want to burn more calories in the same amount of time you are probably working out for now?  This is a fat loss tip you don’t want to miss.

Final Thoughts

Remember to always be conscience of your form.  Being tired may cause you to get sloppy in your execution so remember to stay focused and on top of your form to get the most from this workout and any workout.  Also make each rep count.  Keep saying things to yourself to check your form throughout your routine.  Things like “shoulders back, chest high, arms straight” will help you a lot to keep your focus on working the correct muscles and to prevent an injury from occurring.

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