Is There Any Connection Between Acne and Hair Loss?

Dealing with acne or hair loss is not the kind of situation that anyone hopes to find themselves in. Interestingly, many people that suffer from hair loss also find themselves dealing with acne. This could mean that there is an established link between the two.

Hair loss is not a delightful state to be in as it could reduce one’s self-esteem or perceived beauty among others. Although, companies like can help many recover lost hair without the use of drugs, no one likes the idea of hair loss in the first place.

For many people that suffer from acne, it is usually a vicious cycle of having their acne clear from time to time and come right back with a vengeance. The cycle is usually continuous and very annoying. It makes one wonder, what am I doing wrong?

Well, you are not doing anything wrong. It’s simply your hormones at work. Your hormones and particularly, dihydrotestosterone is the primary cause of those occasional breakouts and hair loss.

Dihydrotestosterone is the missing link between acne and hair loss. It can be found in both men and women in varying amounts. Therefore, in your blame game, know who/what to blame.

However, there are certain factors that can trigger the hormone to actually result in these conditions. Some of those factors are:


The use of anabolic steroids actually trigger hormonal imbalance and can result in acne and hair loss. They are commonly used by gym enthusiasts, bodybuilders and weight lifters in a bid to get a stronger or a bigger build in a short while. They are quite beneficial and help in achieving this aim, but hormonal imbalance is a major side effect.

Hormone-related Pills

There are some pills that are hormone-related. Examples of such pills are antidepressants and birth control pills. Chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment also fall under this category. These kinds of pills are sure to cause hormonal imbalance since they would be working on certain hormones, hence causing an imbalance in some other hormones. This imbalance can affect the action of DHT and end up causing acne and hair loss.


By heredity, some people are just prone to have higher levels of DHT than some others. For this reason, they would be more susceptible to suffering from hair loss and acne. The people in this category (both men and women) would have receding hairlines.

In Conclusion

Many people that fall under the aforementioned categories might be suffering from hair loss or acne without even knowing the cause. On the other hand, others may be very aware of the cause based on the changes that began to occur shortly after introducing steroids or hormone-related pills into their system. The latter can be pretty obvious in many cases.

Many bodybuilders or individuals making use of hormonal pills often suffer from acne breakouts or hair loss. In many cases, stopping the use of these drugs will prevent further hair loss or breakouts. As for heredity, it is more like it cannot be controlled by stopping the use of a particular drug or activity (unlike those in the first two categories).

Those who are susceptible on the basis of heredity can experience a change by visiting their doctors to get a drug that can help to address their hormonal imbalance or the excessive production of DHT. While there are drugs for it, experts highly recommend the proper prescription to prevent adverse effects.

As for those in the first two categories, the condition can be modified by stopping the use of certain drugs or ceasing to perform certain activities.

In conclusion, the connection between acne and hair loss is a real one, but it is also relieving to know that solutions exist for many sufferers.

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