How to Lose Weight Prior to Getting Married

How to Lose Weight Prior to Getting Married

We understand how important it is that you are happy with the way you look and feel for your big day.

Weight loss is the results of the extreme caloric restriction that can an individual take or lose. It also accompanied by the different bad symptoms that are the results of the different nutritional deficiencies (fatigue, diarrhea, heart, change of hair, nails and skin).

Do you really need to lose weight? Simply, try an online weight loss planner which gives you exact idea about your calorie plan by considering the weight loss chart and different other health parameters. Further, the weight loss calculator tells you how many calories you should have to consume each day for healthy weight loss goals with the target date of your goal.

This article will give you some excellent tips and tricks to help you combat your desired weight loss goals before the wedding.

Drink Water

One of the fastest ways to lose weight before your wedding day is to replace all your unhealthy sugary drinks with just plain water.

When we say sugary drinks we mean soda, coffee, juice, alcohol, and even flavored water. It is commonly advised by most health and wellbeing experts that you should drink 8 glasses (8 ounce per glass)per day.

If you follow this rule, you should not really be thirsty for the other unhealthy sugary drinks we mentioned.

Cut Down Portion Sizes

Cutting down on your portion sizes is a vital part of losing weight, and sticking to this in the future can help you maintain your weight loss goals.

It is better to eat five small meals a day rather than eating one huge meal, as the one huge meal will just stretch your stomach and leave you feeling unsatisfied after every future meal.

If you take the advice of eating five small meals per day you will benefit from your stomach shrinking and will begin to feel more satisfied after even a small meal.

Also your body will benefit from faster metabolism which will help you burn fat more quickly.


A really great way to burn fat while on a diet is to participate in swimming; this can easily be done at your local swimming baths.

We advise you to just swim as much as you can in one go and this will have a truly outstanding effect on your overall fitness and health. The great thing about swimming is that it works your whole body and is one of the best all-around weight loss exercises in the world.

Swimming is a great exercise that causes the least amount of stress on your joints and ligaments and the risk of injury is very low.

Other exercises like running can also be great for weight loss as this makes you burn fat as you run and sweat.

When you start running, you should make sure you have the correct running trainers to avoid injury to your feetand your knees.

Another great tip for running is you should always stretch before and after a run to help minimize muscle injury.

The Bottom Line

We hope that the tips and tricks provided above help you to meet your wedding body goals. For the best results, we advise you to follow all three of the above strategies and put them into place as early as you can.

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