How A Misaligned Jaw Can Affect Your Posture

How A Misaligned Jaw Can Affect Your PostureWho would have known a misaligned jaw can affect your posture? Many people are not aware of this fact. Turns out underbite is not only a hindrance on your appearance, but also to your posture and overall health.

The problem with this condition is that you cannot simply fix it by seeing an occlusion specialist or orthodontist. Braces, to most people’s understanding would be a solution to this, but this is a common misconception. Braces are designed for straightening your teeth and will not correct a misaligned jaw.

To solve this problem, typical treatment is to literally have a surgeon move back your jaw to put it into optimal alignment. Unfortunately, traditional correction surgery required to accomplish this is invasive, risky, unpredictable, and often unnecessary.

Let’s explore why exactly a misaligned jaw impacts your posture and let’s then take a quick look at a new and safer solution to correct this issue.

How A Misaligned Jaw Impacts Your Posture

As crazy as it may sound, a misaligned jaw can have a ripple effect that changes your posture and ultimately throws your whole body off balance. Crazy, right?

This occurs because our jaw joint and surrounding muscles have to work much harder to adjust for bite issues. In time this increased stress on the jaw joint and surrounding muscles can cause a ripple effect that traverses the entire body.

Buy how exactly does this affect our overall posture? If your jaw is misaligned, this can negatively impact the posture of your head and neck, which in turn will place more stress on your spine. This additional pressure on the spine is what impacts our overall postural alignment.

To help illustrate this think of your body as a chain. Remember, everything in our body is ultimately connected. A problem on even only one link in the chain impacts the integrity of the entire chain. Therefore, the solution to this problem is to fix the broken link and restore integrity of the overall chain.

A Better Solution to Surgery?

For most underbite sufferers, JawTrac could be your solution. Without the pain and risks of surgery, their problems can be fixed efficiently and safely.

JawTrac is a high-tech and clinically proved alternative for underbite sufferers. With higher effectiveness and predictable results, this non-invasive method has become more popular over the years.

Compared to jaw surgery where a patient would have to risk their healthy teeth being ground down, Face Lift Dentistry method would allow the healthy teeth to stay intact as a position indicator for the treatment.

Due to its non-invasive nature, not only the underbite problem can be solved, the natural facial features of patients can also be significantly improved without having to worry about the terrible side effects that may be caused by an invasive surgery.

Faster and Safer

For most traditional jaw surgeries, it could easily take months for the patient to recover. However, for Face Lift Dentistry, everything would be typically completed in two to three weeks.

Unlike other treatments that are yet to be proven by science, they use a special technique that is well developed as well as trademarked. An essential element to this technique is to know the natural position of the patient’s bite and jaw position, therefore, it can effectively make the patient’s chin look smaller by adjusting the jaw and bite to its natural position. Compared to porcelain veneers, underbite correction can fix the problem permanently instead of just covering it up.

Schedule an Appointment With a Specialist

Get Your Doctor's PermissionIf you feel you suffer from a misaligned jaw and that it is negatively affecting your posture, it is best to seek out a specialist. Face Lift Dentistry are experts in their field and a great place to start. Their team of professionals will first access your situation and how a misaligned jaw can affect your posture.

They will then carefully design a tailor-made treatment for you in order to adjust your bite and jaw to its natural position. After two weeks, you would feel like a new person. Not only your underbite problem is solved for good, you would also enjoy an enhanced facial feature without having to undergo any surgery or invasive treatment.

No pain, no risk, but only benefits. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but rest assured, their team is made up of qualified professionals who know what the best for you is.

The Bottom Line

If a misaligned jaw is causing you problems, especially those with your posture, contacting a specialist is highly recommended. Do not hesitate to make a change for yourself and start a new chapter in life without underbite!

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