Five Depression Symptoms to Look out For


In today’s world, people are seen as depressed rather than happy. Some people are aware of it whereas some are not.

The person needs to get into the treatment for coming out of depression. After all, the person should know what he is into. If and only he/she knows, they can take it to the next step.

So here are the symptoms you can identify in a depressed person. When you find these symptoms, approaching a psychiatrist is necessary.


The people undergoing depression would probably wish to stay alone. They may avoid all the events or meets which involve social interaction and start abusing drugs in case you are addicted kindly receive Cocaine withdrawal symptoms or Opioid withdrawal treatment. They would not like to talk to anyone in this state. If they see people coming towards them, they tend to give a fake talk and leave from that place. This phase is very dangerous that a lack of social interaction may push them to suicide or other harmful activities. It is better to approach a mental health counselor in case of this kind of problem.

Weight gain and loss

A person tends to eat more or very less at the time of depression. Many people eat more and get obese due to depression. Ironically, the other kind of people start hating food and lose interest in the intake of tasty food. They skip food routines that may, in turn, affect the metabolism of the body. In this case, when their family or friends identify such a problem, an alert sign can be given to the person in depression in the form of talking. In utmost cases, one can consult a dietician or a food instructor to get rid of these problems.


One encounters a problem of reduction of energy levels when they are depressed. When they are asked to do some activity, they may refuse it even though they knew it well. They always are in a low mood. When a person speaks or interacts with them, they can only expect a mild response. The response will also be on account of compulsion to answer. They won’t have the interest to look at people. This will also be based on physical changes that happen to the body without even their knowledge.


One can never get a peaceful sleep when they are depressed. They always compromise sleep because there is no form of relaxation for them. The eyes get tired and disturbed and this leads to insomnia. This may affect their regular activities a lot. One can never feel fresh until and unless they sleep well the previous night. They may experience inflammation in their eyes and that will increase their irritability. The food that one eats will also remain undigested and this might lead to problem in the digestive system too. So, a night of sound sleep is necessary.


A uniform sleep is said to be 8 hours a day. A depressed person has a chance of sleeping for more than 8 hours a day. This is most popular among the youth. They have an enormous amount of sleep. They spend time doing other activities and they sleep for more than 10 hours a day. This is also dangerous since the person might put on weight which leads to obesity. A limited amount of sleep is enough for normal metabolism.


To wrap up, depression is to be considered serious and do not take it lethargically. It is better to go for a medical consultation when you experience these kinds of problems.

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