Changing the Shape of Hair with Keratin Peptides


Over the years, the hair care industry has come up with a wide range of products that cater to users’ different needs, including modifying hair characteristics.

A lot of people are not satisfied with the natural shape of their hair. They spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on salon treatment just to get the hair shape they want.

In some cases, people are okay with their natural hair shape but prefer changing their shape for particular occasions.

Whatever the case, with the development of keratin peptides, changing the shape of your hair has become a lot easier and healthy.

Human hair is a complex fiber made of numerous morphological components. Keratin is the primary compound, which is a fibrous structural protein. Keratin peptides from manufacturers like Lotilabs have proven to be beneficial in changing the hair structure and shape.

This post will discuss what you need to know about keratin peptides and how they can be beneficial for treating hair.

Traditional Methods of Hair Straightening

Whether you like it or not, many hair care products that you use contain toxic and environmentally harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, guanidine, lithium hydroxide, sodium, thioglycolates, and some strong alkaline agents.

These agents are present in the majority of hair straightening treatments. Such hair shape-changing treatments can damage hair’s structural integrity, like reduce cross-linking density, decrease physico mechanical properties of hair, and more.

Most importantly, excessive hair treatments using such chemicals produce irreversible changes in hair shape and texture, resulting in fracture of the hair fiber.

With people looking for new and improved ways to straighten their hair, researchers have developed a new component called keratin peptides.

What are Keratin Peptides?

Keratin peptides are an alternative to chemical hair straightening treatments. Keratin peptides are derived from the human genome and have been designed by nature to interact with keratin.

These peptides are characterized based on their ability to act as hair straightening modulators and to improve the elasticity and tensile strength of hair.

Keratin peptides have been tested and proven for their straightening efficiency and improving hair mechanical properties.

Experts suggest that these keratin peptide solutions will replace harsh chemical agents and act as a neutral pH to change the shape of the hair.

Keratin peptides work in a way that it has a neutral pH as compared to products containing alkaline agents and they re-conform disulphide bonds to change hair shape. Disulphide bond formation and disruption are known to be associated with changes in hair shape.

Keratin peptides can be used as substitutes for alkaline agents. The primary objective of developing these peptides is to present a novel green approach to control hair shape changes.

When applied to curly hair, these peptides penetrate the hair fibers to enter the cortex, where they bind to the hair proteins. Because of this binding, hair experiences a significant recovery in elasticity and tensile strength.

There are still many tests to perform before keratin peptides can be commercially used in hair care products for shape-changing treatments.

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