Seven Lifestyle Changes to Recover Your Hair Growth

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Millions of people face a traumatic experience of hair fall in early years. As per the recent study, about 39.23% of the men in all of the UK are bald. The percentage is set to rise in the upcoming years. For every hair strand that falls now make your heart skip a beat?

Sometimes, the induced fear of baldness adds up and accelerates the whole process. Believe it or not! If you are losing up to 100 hair a day, thatโ€™s natural and normal. Yet, if in case the number is high and exceeding every day โ€“ then you need to take some precautions.

Letโ€™s check all seven lifestyle changes to recover your hair growth one by oneโ€ฆ


First and foremost, it is the biggest cause of hair fall and a lot of health problems. Stress can disrupt the process of growth. It can lead to thinning of hair, hair fall and premature greying of hairs. One way to beat the stress is through regular meditation. Another way is to go to is Yoga or gentle exercises. Nowadays, it is essential to unwind from a day.

When you are stressed, your hair loss process speeds up โ€“ itโ€™s called the Telogen Effluvium. In other words, itโ€™s a state in which the hair cycle increases causing baldness.

Telogen Effluvium is a condition, yet it ceases to continue if the source of hair loss, in other words, the stress can be halted. For example, students face this accelerated hair loss during the examination. The hair loss automatically halts once the exams are over!

Regular Trimming

Second, most of the hair damage is done near the tips. Getting your hair trimmed every once in a while is a good idea! For example: take a trip to the salon every six to eight weeks and get a trim.

Sometimes, the factors which contribute to hair loss are beyond your control. The list of common factor includes genetics, illness and other problems. Yet, you can prevent it from affecting your hair by taking proper dietary supplements. The supplement rich in iron would help you strengthen your hairs. Itโ€™s an easy fix and can help you prevent hair loss.

Use Conditioner

Cleaning your hair means using shampoo for millions of people. They feel that doing regular shampoo equals to taking good care of it. Believe it or not! Repetitive shampoo turns out to be one of the primary reasons for hair damage. Using a shampoo without conditioner cause hair thinning. As per a study, itโ€™s proved that wet hairs are more elastic than dry hair. They are more prone to breakage. A good conditioner is your way to maintaining good hair quality. Nowadays, the conditioner contains amino acid which not only repairs damaged hair but also keeps them smooth.

Exercise and Diet

Why do some people have good fitness and healthy hairs? While others eat fewer nutrients and face issue as hair falls? This is because no matter what kind of product you are using, nothing will improve your hair quality as much as your diet. Your hair grows around 1.25cm per month. Thatโ€™s around 6 inches per year. That being said, how fast they grow โ€“ well, it depends on factors like diet and exercise. Ensure to practice yoga, meditation and other gentle exercises.

Chemical Procedures

Some of the treatments for example hair straightening, perming and coloring can harm your hair. Avoid bombarding your hair with chemicals. Also, you can protect your hairline by limiting the use of dryers, curling rods, etc. In case, you have to use it, then keep it to low settings. Using chemical products can damage your hair follicles in the long-term. The damage follicles cannot grow new and you would likely need a surgical hair loss treatment to get back your hairline.


Itโ€™s a fact, regular oiling can strengthen your hairs. Especially castor oil which is also used in many skin problems and fungal infections. Castor oil can be used in hair growth. Some millennial and Gen-Z use castor oil to grow their hairs long. On the other hand, some use it as a recovery tool. As far as evidence of castor oil effectiveness is concerned; there are many positive claims. Castor oil, including tropical castor oil, can help prevent hair loss. However, do not leave the oil in your hair overnight. As per the recent study, one of the biggest mistake individuals make while oiling their hair is leaving it as it over a night. Keeping oil in a hair over a period can attract a lot of dust particles that can block your hair follicles.

Improper Styling

Some of the most traditional and ongoing hairstyles have been proving to cause hair loss. For example tight braids and ponytails. These kinds of hairstyle cause hairline to recede. Try attractive looks but ensure that while doing it you donโ€™t put your scalp under stress or tension. In case you are confused what is causing hair damage even when you have followed all of the above measures? Chances are that itโ€™s your hairstyle.

The Takeaway

Hair loss is something that cannot be quickly and easily corrected. First and foremost you need to stop following wrong ways to make your hair. Next, limit your use of chemical and hair colors.

You can also consider using organic shampoo and conditioners. They are gentler and mostly contain all organic ingredients and no chemicals. Furthermore, to strengthen your hairs choose hair oil.

Regular head massage can improve the quality and quantity of your hairs. By taking informed-decisions you can protect your hair from damage. In the worst case, go for Non-Surgical Treatment/ FUE treatments, or use an alternative such as hair wigs.

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