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best dietary supplements

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your diet is. The best dietary supplements can help you achieve your goal as long as you abide by the golden rule of supplements. The golden rule of supplements is…

No Dietary Supplement is the Magic Pill which will Solve All your Problems

They are called supplements because that is exactly what they do, supplement your diet. If you lack certain vitamins and minerals in your diet, the right supplement can definitely help you.

If you are looking for performance enhancement, anti- aging, skin health, energy, weight loss, improved sexual function there may be a supplement out there for you as well.

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What Should I Know About the Best Dietary Supplements?

The Ingredients of Dietary Supplements are Not Regulated by the FDASupplements can be worth their weight in Gold

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does not consider dietary supplements food, nor drugs thus does not to regulate them. So next time you see a “no food or drink” sign, pull out a protein bar and eat it, because it is not a food, it is a supplement!

If you buy a dietary supplement there is no guarantee that the label is accurate. You may think you are buying 100mg tablets of vitamin C tablets but you are really getting 50mg of chalk and 50mg of vitamin C.

The brand of supplement your choose is important. Your supplement’s ingredients are only as reliable as the brand you choose. Choose brands which have a proven track record for quality products. You may notice quality brands of supplements have less extraordinary claims on their packaging. This is the next important fact about the best dietary supplements.

A Supplements’ Claimed Effect is Not Regulated by the FDA

Supplement companies do not have to prove that their supplement does what claims. Lose 10 Pounds in a Week! Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle in a Month! Burn 40% more Fat! These are examples of claims which you will hear often when checking out supplements.

It has been said a million times but holds true yet again, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The only way to not get burned and waste your hard earned money on a supplement is research.

Research a supplement before you choose to take it. Try to look for published scientific studies first. You can use the United States National Library of Medicine’s Database PUBMED. For most supplements it is very difficult to find unbiased data.

You may even find pseudo research especially in magazines. They are quite comical actually, you will see a model posing as a fake doctor and usually a bodybuilder. They will make it look like research article but it is really just a misleading advertisement.

When Should You take Dietary Supplements?

Most dietary supplements have instructions which tell you when you should take them. If a supplement does not tell you when to take it on the bottle you should take that as a red flag and find another maker of the supplement. Reputable brands of supplements should have all the necessary information on the bottle.

It is Important to take Dietary Supplements at the Correct Time

If you take a supplement at the incorrect time, you increase the chances that the supplement will not be assimilated. Just because you take a pill or drink a liquid does not mean the supplement will get in your body.

The main issue with most supplements is the stomach. Your stomach acid has a very low PH and can destroy certain supplements. This is why 90% of supplements will tell you to take them with food or on an empty stomach. Read the directions on any supplements and follow them to get the best benefit.

So what are some of the best dietary supplements?

The Best Dietary Supplement for You Depends on Your Goals

This should be pretty obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Almost every physically active person can benefit from such supplements as multi-vitamins.

Overall Health & WellnessOverall Health and Wellness

  • Best Natural Vitamin Supplement
    A good multivitamin supplement can help you get all the needed micronutrients which your body needs for most metabolic processes. If you think you get 100% of the nutrients your active body needs from your diet, your mistaken. Multivitamins are the best dietary supplements because they are beneficial to everyone.
  • Best Antioxidant Supplements
    Antioxidant are very beneficial for anybody who does a lot of aerobic activities. The best dietary supplements to fight free radicals.
  • Best Calcium Supplement
    Unless you eat a lot of dairy products, the best calcium supplement will help you keep your bones and teeth healthy as well as prevent bone loss. If you think you don’t need to take a calcium supplement think again. Read why.
  • Best Protein Supplement
    Protein is not just for those who want to get bulky and gain a lot of muscle. In addition to help maintain your muscle and metabolism, the best protein supplement may also have anti-aging properties.

Weight Loss / Toning

  • Weight Loss Supplements
    There are many supplements dedicated to weight loss. Learn why weight loss and supplements has been a bad combination from the start.

Muscle Building

  • Best Muscle Building Supplement
    Would you like to put on a few pounds of lean mass? The oversaturated market for muscle building supplements has created some products which carry incredible claims.

Where do you recommend I buy Dietary Supplements?
One of the best online places to find great deals on dietary supplements.  Amazon has a huge inventory of dietary supplements for all goals at fantastic prices and with cheap shipping.

I have used for years with zero problems. I was surprised that they have supplements for everyone from hardcore bodybuilders to beauty products. Make sure you choose super saver free shipping instead of the standard shipping which is typically more expensive and even takes longer.

Online is definitely the best place to buy dietary supplements. When you go to your local health food store the prices are marked up as much as 30%

You can usually buy dietary supplements online for wholesale prices. Even with shipping included you still will save an average of 20% over retail prices when you buy from the best online supplement vendors.

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