Spring Cleaning Tips And Tricks

spring cleaning tips


Spring is the perfect time to get out your spring cleaning supplies and gather your organization tips to start the season on the right foot.

Deep cleaning and organizing your home is important to tackle each year. We’ve got some excellent spring cleaning tips and tricks to help you get started this year.

Dust Blinds Quickly

Your window treatments will show all of the dust accumulation once you open them to let in the light. You don’t have to wipe each blade. Get a tong tool with three blades. These blades are covered in microfiber making it easy to clean multiple blinds at once. Make sure to pay attention to the windows and window sills to clean up the dust and dirt on them as well.

De-clutter As You Go

Decluttering helps everything feel fresh and clean. It’s one of the most important spring cleaning tips because it will help you feel like things are in order. A disorganized home can lead to extra stress. It’s important to take time to organize your closet donating or throwing away things that you no longer wear, dust the surfaces in every room, and dig in the closets for junk that has been sitting there for years.

Tackling The Toilet

It’s crucial that you learn how to clean the toilet the deepest way because it is full of germs and bacteria. Pour in your cleaner first, then let it sit a few minutes. It’s important to spray the handle with the cleaner as well. Make sure to clean the outer portion of the toilet because bacteria are often thrown in the air when the toilet is flushed. Then clean the lid and seat. After you’ve let the cleaner sink in, take your toilet brush or wand and scrub the insides of the bowl. It’s as easy as closing the lid and flushing after this step.

Microwave Stains

The microwave is a secret little place for spring cleaning. The number of bacteria in some microwaves would blow you away. Fill a bowl with one cup of water, vinegar, and chopped lemon. Turn on the microwave for a few minutes letting the solution steam up the microwave. Let it cool, then wipe away the remnants with a sponge.

Fridge Interior

Most people wipe down the shelves of their refrigerator but don’t pay any attention to the bins. Get out the shelves and bins to give them a deep clean. Wash them in warm water with soap. This gets rid of random spills and little stains. Bacteria should never have a place to grow in your refrigerator where you store food and drinks.

The Gunk In The Oven

The oven is often the home of baked-on grime and old pieces of food. If you have a self-cleaning function, use it. If you don’t, then you can use a wet cloth on the spots. Use baking soda and a heavy-duty pad to wipe off the burned areas. Oven cleaner does a world of good, but it has a strong odor.

The Forbidden Junk Drawer

One of the best spring cleaning tips is all about organizing the junk drawer. There is no telling what you will find in your junk drawer. Empty it out then vacuum out the dust and debris. If you don’t use the contents, throw them out. Don’t think you will use some random little tool that’s at the back of the drawer. You can throw away random old batteries, push pins, and dried-up markers. Put everything else back in the draw organizing as you go. Put in a non-slip liner to keep things in their place.

Clean Your Shower Curtains

Shower curtains get caked with mold and soap scum. You can throw them in the gentle cycle with your bath towels to clean them. Make sure to let them hang before you get in the shower. If you want to freshen without washing them, you can spray them with an all-purpose cleaner a few times every month.

Freshen Your Shower Drain

Showers need love, too. If you want to freshen them up, mix one-half cup of baking soda with one-fourth cup of salt. After you pour this down the drain, follow it with one cup of vinegar that has been heated in the microwave. Let this stand for fifteen minutes before running hot water down the drain. This trick is perfect for guest bathrooms that never get used, but need to stay fresh.


These spring cleaning tips and tricks will get you on your way to a fresh, organized house this season. Sometimes the simplest tasks seem to make things shiny and bright again. Get the cleaning done early this season, so you can get outside to smell the flowers and enjoy the sunshine.

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