Skin and Hair Benefits Associated With Soft Water

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There are many home products out there that will benefit homeowners and occupants in more than one way, and a good example here is a water softener. Many people, for instance, are aware that water softeners provide benefits to drinking water and various appliances in a home — but did you know that for those living in the home, both skin and hair benefits may arise based on the use of soft water as well?

As long as you’re purchasing your water softener from a reputable, high-quality provider, you’ll be set up for a number of benefits — in several areas. Why are some people’s skin and hair dry or otherwise at issue, particularly during the current winter season, and why will installing a water softener in your home do wonders if you’re dealing with these issues? Here’s a basic primer.

Why Skin and Hair Become Dry or Irritated

There are a few reasons your skin and/or hair may become dry or otherwise irritated regularly. These include:

Lack of moisture

This is the most common reason skin and hair become dry or irritated. When there’s not enough moisture in the air, it will quickly suck the moisture out of your skin and hair, leading to problems.

Harsh chemicals

If you’re using harsh chemicals on a regular basis – whether they be in your skincare products, haircare products, or cleaning supplies – it’s no wonder your skin and hair are dry and irritated. These chemicals strip the natural oils from your skin and hair, leaving them unprotected and vulnerable to becoming dry and irritated.


If you live in a climate that is especially dry, it’s no wonder your skin and hair are having trouble retaining moisture. Dry climates can quickly sap the moisture out of your skin and hair, leaving them dry, itchy, and irritated.

Too many hard minerals

Finally, if your home’s water supply contains too many “hard” minerals – such as calcium and magnesium – it can be difficult for your skin and hair to retain moisture. These minerals bind with the water, making it harder for your skin and hair to absorb it. Many people find they need to use more skin or hair products in hard water environments than in others, for instance.

How a Water Softener Helps

Here are some of the ways water softeners help with dry skin and hair:

Improved cleaning and cleansing capabilities

Cleansing the skin and hair is an important part of retaining moisture and preventing dryness or irritation. When your skin and hair are cleansed with softened water, it’s easier for the cleansing products to do their job properly and remove any dirt, oils, or other particles that may be causing problems.

Improved absorption of moisturizers

Softened water is also more easily absorbed by your skin and hair, which means that any moisturizers or other treatments you may be using will be more effective.

Less product used

In addition, many people find they have to use far less skin and hair care products when they’re using softened water, as the products are more easily absorbed. This can help reduce irritation and also save you money in the long run.

Reduced build-up of minerals on the skin

Finally, the reduced mineral build-up on your skin brought about by softened water can also help to improve moisture levels and prevent dryness and irritation.

The Takeaway

If you regularly deal with dry skin and can’t seem to get a handle on it, it’s possible hard water is partially to blame. Contact your local water softening and filtration experts to learn about your options.

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