How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t See Progress in the Gym (and 7 Things You Should Consider Changing)

How to Stay Motivated When You Don't See Progress in the Gym

You have been focusing on your workout plan for weeks now. You have been waking up at the brisk of the day all these weeks to work out; with the hope that you will notice some changes on your body. Finally, you decide to step on the scale with high expectations, then bam! You have not lost even a pound. Your clothes don’t feel looser either.

How to Stay Motivated When You Don’t See Progress

Know That You Are Not Alone

Although you don’t see any physical changes yet, you have been making some incredible internal milestones. Therefore, before you give up, understand that whatever you are going through is normal and expected. Many people have been where you are and come out of the situation. All you need is motivation to keep going on.

Be Positive

Everyone’s body is different, so, it takes different periods to notice results. Therefore, do not feel discouraged if your friend achieves his or her results much faster than you do. The feel-good idea of enhancing your general health can be satisfactory. Remember that your initial goal was to improve your health and lifestyle.

Avoid Negativity

Focus on your goals and avoid hanging around people who tend to invoke poor decisions and induce negativity. Even though you might feel like skipping the gym and continue having fun with your friends, you should be resilient. Thinking about the possible consequences helps too.

Be Realistic

However much you may want to set high goals, remember that they should be attainable. If you set unrealistic expectations, you might be losing weight, but you get discouraged by the mere fact that you haven’t attained the results you wanted. Realistically, you should lose about two pounds of fat per week. Otherwise, you might be losing muscle and water weight.

Stay on Track

Never allow external forces to prompt your downfall. For instance, if your family loves eating takeout meals, consider making your own and not just joining them. If you have had a bad day at work, never pass it on to your workout by failing to go. Drinking alcohol may negate an entire workout’s effort, so avoid it by all means.

Seven Things You Should Consider Changing

#1. Try Something Different

If you have been doing the same thing every time for years, it’s time you changed the routine. Once your body is accustomed to similar movements, it doesn’t have to adapt to keep them. That is why you should turn your workout into something that’s more challenging if you want to progress.

#2. Prioritize Sleep

Weight loss is affected by more than just diet and exercise. Poor sleep habits are a significant contributor to sabotaging weight loss in various ways. When one is sleep-deprived, production of hormones that control appetite increases, making you want to snack every time. Lack of sleep could also slow your metabolism and leave you with too little energy to hit the gym.

#3. Include Supplements in Your Workout

Both pre-workout and post-workout supplements are essential in boosting performance and attaining optimal levels of training. They help in pushing the athletes beyond their expected limits and make them achieve the best. Nootropic Underground provides insights on latest and most effective supplements for better performance in the gym.

#4. Avoid Prepackaged Foods

Regardless of your weight loss goal, nutrition comes first on the list. Nutritionists stress on the fact that it’s not how much you eat that affects you, but rather what you eat. Focus on eating veggies, fruits, and whole foods. Ditch prepackaged foods. If you can, always prepare your meals.

#5. Reduce Your Gym Hours

Although this may sound counterintuitive, it’s a practical tip for those who work out very frequently. If you get too used to hitting the gym, you may not get the best out of the exercises. Take some rest to allow your body to build up the stamina and energy it requires.

#6. Stop Making Excuses

Making excuses for not exercising will only make you feel bad and prevent you from attaining the results you desire. If you have missed more than one workout session within the past three weeks, you might be making too many excuses. Excuses make you feel okay with skipping the workout at that moment, but you are only fooling yourself. So, be honest with yourself and select a program that suits your busy schedule.

#7. Find Ways of Having Fun During Your Workout

Finding an exercise that you like and enjoy doing will benefit you in many ways. Some of the significant benefits include:

–You will maximize the stress-relieving abilities of workouts

–You are likely to stick with it.

However, you should find a balance between fitness for fun and fitness for results.


Hope this helps you stay motivated. Now that you are aware of the few changes you can make, you may fire away! You are now ready to start a fulfilling weight loss journey.

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