Guide on Choosing an Appropriate Mobility Aid For Seniors

Mobility Aids For Seniors

Growing older is a difficult pace to deal with for some seniors. One of the most common struggles they are facing is their mobility and balance.

As one gets older, the body tends to lose muscle mass and joints also become weaker. This could result in difficulty in walking, which is why many seniors need to use a mobility aid such as a walker or a cane.

Having the right Medicare plan is critical to protect both your physical and financial health. A good plan can cover needed medical expenses and help set you up with the mobility aid you need, whether it’s a walker, cane or wheelchair.

Choosing the right mobility aid for senior citizens and for persons with special needs whose balance is unstable in a very significant matter to deal with.

Types of Mobility Aids

In 80’s, there were limited options of mobility aids for senior citizens or for those people who needed it, but with time, different inventions have come along that suit to every people depending on the parts of the body that are affected by immobility or imbalance.

Here are three main categories from which you can choose a mobility aid for seniors.

Walking Assistance Aids

In this category, you will find devices made for seniors who can still walk but require support. Some of the mobility aids you can choose in this category includes the following:


These offer great stability for seniors who need some balance to relieve pressure on their joints.

Quad canes

They are ideal for the attainment of greater stability for seniors who have moderate walking difficulty.


Walkers give more stability compared to the two above.

Wheeled walkers

These offer better stability and easier to use compared to those that don’t have wheels.


Rollators is a good walking aid because it offers hand brakes and it is wheeled. A rollator is easy to use and doubles as a seat that will help you when you are tired. Some of them include a basket in which you can put everyday items.


Another good mobility aid for seniors is scooters. They are powered electrically and are perfect for seniors who have limited strength but can still move around unassisted.

The benefit of scooters is that they are able to cover a wide variety of terrain compared to powered wheelchairs. However, you may not find scooters an ideal choice for someone staying at home.


A wheelchair is recommended in cases where it would be too dangerous to allow the senior to walk without assistance.

There are powered and non-powered versions, so if you would want one that will not require upper-body strength, a powered wheelchair would be an ideal choice.

Powered wheelchairs are easier to use, but these will cost more and require careful maintenance.

The Bottom Line

Buying the right mobility aid for a senior is a decision that will help to improve the mobility of the senior when they are unable to walk freely.

There are different options you have for mobility aids depending on the difficulties the senior is facing. You can choose a wheelchair, scooters, or walking assist aids depending on the severity of the issues the senior is facing.

See some suggestions above if you would like to buy the right walking aid for seniors.

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