Fat-Burning Effects of Chili Peppers

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Fat-Burning Effects of Chili Peppers: Explained by Science

When people are speaking of fat-burning effects of chili peppers, they usually mean the benefits offered by capsaicin. It’s a very special compound that affects your neurons and metabolism. Numerous studies show that this element has a profound positive effect on human health and weight loss, in particular. The influence of capsaicin on metabolism, fat oxidation, and vascular health are the main reasons why adding it to your weight loss diet is a great idea.

How Does Capsaicin Help You Lose Weight?

Capsaicin, the compound responsible for the fat-burning effects of chili peppers, is a natural irritant. Its purpose in nature is to repel some creatures and fungi that can prey on the plants. Ingesting this element is associated with a sense of ‘burning’, which is the reason why chili peppers are called ‘hot’. When it gets into your body, capsaicin causes several reactions that effectively help you to lose weight:

It boosts your metabolic rate.

Metabolism is the process of converting food into energy. It’s essential for effective weight loss because it allows you to eat less as your body is more efficient in obtaining ‘fuel’ from the products you consume. Speeding up your metabolism also produces the fat-burning effect triggered by capsaicin. Note that the many conditions associated with obesity are affected by the metabolic rate, for example type 2 diabetes and angina. A study by Open Heart proves that ingesting capsaicin regularly benefits patients suffering from all of these conditions. This study notes that capsaicin can be taken in various forms, ranging from chili peppers to weight loss supplements such as Phentermine weight loss pills. This product contains capsaicin and L-carnitine, another compound that boosts metabolism naturally.

Capsaicin boosts fat oxidation.

Fat-burning effect of chili peppers is very real, as is proven by this study published in PLOS One.This particular property means that capsaicin literally speeds up the destruction of fat cells. The most important thing, however, is that this effect occurs without a significant elevation in blood pressure. This means that capsaicin does not only help you shed those extra pounds faster, but it does this safely. This is a particularly important point for people suffering from obesity, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, and any other condition that causes hypertension. If this is about you, be sure to plan your workout plan for weight loss with extreme care as exercising can bring your blood pressure up.

Consuming capsaicin increases energy expenditure.

The study mentioned above highlights another important weight loss benefit of capsaicin. This compound can naturally increase your energy expenditure. This is why it helps you burn off some extra pounds while doing literally nothing. That’s the main reason why capsaicin is such a popular ingredient in weight loss pills. This element is so potent on its own that it doesn’t need the extra effects of exercise to ‘activate’. The compound brings up your temperature from within, sending those important fat-burning processes into overdrive.

Chili peppers curb your appetite.

A study conducted in 2014 showed that capsaicin in chili peppers increased the feeling of fullness. Therefore, it’s an effective aide in controlling your appetite and curbing those cravings, which make adhering to a new diet so difficult. Note that this study was rather small, so it might be a bit premature to call chili peppers an ‘appetite suppressant’. However, it’s a fact that people run a lower risk of overeating when they enjoy ‘hot’ foods.

Capsaicin and Your Overall Health

You also shouldn’t forget about the benefits of capsaicin to your overall health. First of all, losing weight helps you reduce the risk of extremely dangerous diseases, including heart disease, kidney problems, and type 2 diabetes. Capsaicin itself also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

A study published as a part of Progress in Drug Research books indicates that capsaicin can improve gastrointestinal health. Some research indicates that it can help ulcer treatment. It’s also known to have a positive effect on vascular health. In particular, foods flavored with capsaicin are recommended to people suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes. They do not only help those patients reduce their weight, but improve the condition and tone of their blood vessels. Due to these benefits, capsaicin is believed to help with the prevention of high blood pressure and stroke.

Do Fat-Burning Effects of Chili Peppers Work for Everyone?

While there always are a few rare exceptions, the effects of capsaicin are the same for everyone. This means that it can enhance any weight loss program. However, people not used to eating spicy foods, or those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders and ulcers, should exercise caution. Taking weight loss supplements with capsaicin might prevent negative side effects, but you should be careful anyway. In these situations, it will be best to consult your doctor and have them monitor your condition. You also should watch your own body’s reactions carefully and note any changes.

The Bottom Line

Like with any dietary change, it will be best to start with a small dosage of capsaicin in your diet. This will allow your body to get used to the new element and shouldn’t trigger an acute negative reaction.

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